6 Little Tips to Increase Your Online Dating Success  

There’s no real secret to it, the online dating world is harsh. Men have to compete with bodybuilders and guys who look like Ryan Reynolds, while girls have to compete with sexy selfie taking hotties. We’ve decided to give all of you a shot in the online dating world by providing you with 6 simple, yet highly effective tips to increase your chances of finding love online.


Use only your best pictures

We all have pictures of ourselves that we absolutely love. Whether it’s the angle that the picture was taken from or even the lighting, we just seem to look so much hotter on that one picture. Well take that picture out and use it to your advantage. Sure, you may think it’s unfair to lead someone on like that, but everyone else is doing it. Using only the best pictures of yourself on online dating sites will greatly improve your chances of getting attention from the opposite sex.

Smile and look happy

Remember those days when you used to wake up feeling awesome? It doesn’t matter how down or depressed you are, if you want to find love online, you’ll need to regain that smile. People have no interest in dating depressed people, so by displaying happiness and your beautiful smile, your chances of finding love online will grow immensely.

Get yourself a webcam

Most people ignore others who don’t have webcams. The whole point of online dating is to start online and then if things go good, it can become a real life thing. If you don’t have a webcam, your chances of finding love online will be very slim. It doesn’t matter how shy you are on webcam, get over it and you will eventually meet the love of your life online.

Become an outgoing person

If you’re normally the type of person who is shy, reserved and quiet, become someone completely different; become someone who is outgoing. Take the first step and send others messages even if you don’t know them. Start chatting people up and become miss or mister popular. If you really believe in this new you, you will become that outgoing person in real life.

Be patient

So many people lose their cool when others don’t respond right away. Give others enough time to respond, even if it takes days. When you send someone a message and they don’t respond back immediately, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested. If you go berserk on them, they will only get turned off.

Beautify yourself

Wear the sexiest, tightest, most attractive clothes that you own and own them on cam. Webcam dating is mainly about fantasizing about the person you are chatting with since they aren’t right in front of you. By looking sexy, you will become the living fantasy for many more people than if you wear grey jogging pants and a t-shirt full of holes.

Why Chat Roulette With Girls Requires Age Verification  

Every now and again, when browsing through video chat sites, you will come across a section that requires you to verify your age. This step is often annoying to most people and requires some of your time before being able to proceed with viewing strangers on cam. Verifying your age was put into place for a reason and we will go over that in a bit. It’s important to know that most age verification procedures are used for adult only chat sites and they are used to prevent kids from being able to access dirty webcams.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.35.20 PM

What type of cam sites require age verifications

When it comes to proving your age, there is always a reason behind it. More often than not, the website owner’s have put that extra step into place in order to avoid having underage people going on adult cam sites. That means that most adult only cam sites require you to verify your age. More often than not, it’s the girls only and gays only sections that require you to verify your age. That’s because girl only sections are often models and amateurs who enjoy getting naked on cam and having sexual activities for the general public to see.

Keeping these sites safe is highly important to the owners of video chat sites. That’s why kids are not permitted to view such events. Although you may find this part annoying to complete, keep in mind that it’s an important step that helps keep these video chat sites safe and keep kids out. This process is just as important as having moderators keep the chat sites safe all day and night long.

How to complete the age verification process

Completing the age verification process may seem dreadful to do for some, but it’s actually quite fast. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete and you have very few details to provide in order to get started with viewing webcams. Here is how to verify your age on most video chat sites.

  1. You will need to click on the verify your age button, which varies from one chat site to another.
  2. Once you have opened up the verify your age page, you will normally be asked to choose a username, choose a password and enter your email address.
  3. You will then be sent an email containing a verification link; click on that link and your age will automatically be verified.
  4. After verifying your age, you will be able to login using the username and password that you chose earlier.
  5. You will then be able to return at any time and login without having to start this process all over again.

Top 11 Funny Webcam Chat Photos of 2014

Every now and again, hilarious things happen on webcam chat sites and when people are fast enough, they capture those instances on photo. We have set aside a list for all of you of the 11 funniest moments on video chat sites in 2014. We hope you enjoy!

That’s just a dog chatting, no biggie


This is the story of a dog and his computer. He loves to video chat because he hates being cooped up into his small bachelor apartment with nothing else to do. If you’ve ever wondered what a dog in the future would look like, here it is; a video chatting dog!

After Batman comes Catman


This dude is a cat. It may not seem funny to some, but Catman is quite the hit on video chat sites. Everyone Catman crossed paths with seemed to find him quite hilarious.

Nothing like some fresh man boobs


Just because you’re a dude doesn’t mean people don’t want to see your tits. Check out this girl who asks guys to show her their tits.

Dad, is that you?!


If you’ve ever been afraid of people seeing you on cam chat sites, this is probably your worst nightmare. Coming face to face with your own (naked) dad on webcam. Terrible moment for this girl, but so funny for the rest of us!

Dancing shemale


You know it’s time to get a life when you spend your Saturday evenings watching shemales dance around for you on webcam. This is probably one of the funniest things ever to happen on cam and it’s well worth a laugh or two!

Hello there soul mate


I don’t think words can express how awesome this moment really is. I’ll just sit back and let all of you laugh your pants off until you finally decide to scroll down to the next image.

Sing me a song you’re the piano man


What’s funnier than seeing a piano man on webcam singing you a personalize song? A piano man wearing a hoodie! This guy’s got it all figured out; he plays his tunes, he meets hot chicks and he rocks that hoodie like it’s 1999.

Mask mania


Sometimes chatting with strangers gets intimidating, so you wear a mask. That’s what happened here, when everyone on cam seemed to be sporting their favourite masks.

What the f**k are you?!


I feel so sorry for this dude; you can’t really tell what the person he is talking with really is. All right, so the creepy dude is pretty weird himself, but come on girl; stay still so we can see that booty!

Still looking for Nemo


If you ever run into Nemo’s dad, would you help him find his son? This guy just felt it would be worth laughing at, but I seriously feel bad for that poor clown fish.

Power Rangers use cam sites too


There’s nothing funnier than meeting a Power Ranger on webcam. This Power Ranger needs to focus more on fighting crime and less on meeting new strangers online.


Why Video Chat Sites Explode During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to video chat sites. Many people wonder why that is. There are actually very many reasons why so many people choose to chat with random strangers on webcam during the holidays. Connections are formed more often during the holidays than during any other period of the year. We as humans have a natural need to come together during the holiday season. It’s set deep within us; we know that the rest of the planet is together and we too need to meet as many people as possible during this time of the year.


Christmas Time and Coming Together

When Christmas is right around the corner, most families come together. This happens all over the world and regardless of the religion; people come together in the month of December. It’s something that we have been doing for centuries, so it has become part of our human nature. It has become a yearly tradition that is built into our systems. We get that special feeling during the holidays that makes us feel so happy to see our friends and family members. Coming together with strangers and being friendly with people that we don’t know is also part of the holidays.

Coming together with strangers is just as big as coming together with family members. The holidays are great for meeting new people, finding your one and only true love and even making new friends. Video chat sites aren’t the only place where people come together, but they do notice a massive increase in traffic during this time.

More People, More Connections

With so many people online during the holidays, it becomes much easier for you to meet strangers on the Internet. It doesn’t matter what you’re intentions are or what type of person you are looking for; with millions of daily cam site users, you will easily be able to find what you’re looking for.

On average, video chat sites double in traffic during the holiday season. With most top rated video chat sites hanging around the range of 40,000 users online at any given moment, that brings the numbers up to roughly 80,000 users online at all times. That’s an impressive increase that allows you to meet tons of new people with ease.

In shorter amounts of time, you will be able to meet tons of people. It also provides you with a lot more choice. With more people online, there are great varieties of people. This makes it easier for you to pinpoint the exact type of person that you’re looking for. You will be able to meet the love of your life of bond with like-minded people a lot more easily during the holidays.

6 Reasons Guys Prefer Meeting Girls Online

Walking up to a girl in real life is extremely difficult to do. For a guy, there is nothing more nerve reeking to do than asking a girl out on a date. Fortunately, there are tons of video chat sites online that allow guys to enjoy meeting girls without the stress. Here are the top 6 reasons why guys prefer meeting girls online rather than in real life situations.


  1. One of the reasons that guys prefer meeting girls online is because of the stress-free environment. It’s a lot easier to ask a girl out on a date when you are half way across the globe. Chatting a girl up on webcam is much easier to do and removes a lot of the stress when compared to chatting with a girl in real life situations.
  2. Most guys prefer not to get too deep into a relationship. By meeting girls on the Internet, guys don’t have to give as much of a commitment. This allows the guys to have a blast with the girls, without any strings attached.
  3.  One of the perks about meeting girls online is that you can get shot down a thousands times and pickup a girl just once and it will feel a lot better than it would in real life. It also takes a lot less time to pick up a girl online since you don’t care as much about getting turned down.
  4. The beauty of online dating for men is that they can actually get to know a person before jumping straight into bed. Most men want to know a bit about a girl before sleeping with her, which is great because random cam sites allow you to take things slowly.
  5. One of the great things about guys meeting girls online is that it’s a lot easier to have sex. Virtual sex is safer and most girls online will be willing to go all the way within moments of turning on the webcam. This allows you to enjoy yourself with a woman without having to ever see her again.
  6. The diversity of people online makes meeting girls on video chat sites extremely addictive. When meeting girls online, you never know where they will be from. Guys can use video chat sites to meet girls from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy, China and literally all over the world. It allows men to meet a lot more people and worldwide without even having to step out of the house for a single moment. This makes video chat sites the best possible dating environment in the world hands down.

Prison Inmates Can Now Use Video Chat to Communicate With Their Loved Ones

For decades, the prison visitation system has remained the same. However, as technology advances, so does the prison system. Computers have become a major part of our lives and everything seems to revolve around computer technology these days. That’s why Dallas Country Prison has decided to become the first jail to allow their prisoners to video chat with their loved ones. Video chat sessions will be used just like regular visitations and prison guards to ensure that the prisoners do not discuss any illegal topics will monitor them.


Still a work in progress and still in test mode, the video chat visitations system aims to become huge. Although Dallas County is the first prison to incorporate this type of technology, more prisons are signing up for the same type of communication advancements. The service is currently being offered by Securus Technologies and comes at a price. Prisoners are charged $10 for a 20-minute video chat session. That may seem steep, but it’s actually quite affordable when you figure that the visitors do not need to spend gas money to go see the prisoners.

Multiple Benefits

Adding video chat visitations in prisons is actually quite beneficial for numerous reasons. One of the biggest benefits of allowing prisoners to video chat with their loved ones is the reduced risk of smuggling items into jail. It’s impossible to smuggle something into the prison through a webcam chat, which makes these video chat visitations much safer.

Visitors do not need to pay lots of money in gas simply to go see their loved ones. The risks of prisoners getting violent are reduced and since less guards are required; prisoners can use this type of visitation much more often than real life visitations.

Too Much Freedom

Some people are against the addition of video chat visitations in prisons because they believe that prisoners have no right to benefit from such technologies. However, it’s important to note that this is a safer way to handle things. Providing prisoners with this type of freedom is excellent because it gives them the ability to reach out to their loved ones with more ease, which may ultimately encourage them to get back on the right track.


In the end, video chat in prisons is not much more different than having phone calls. They must pay for the video chat sessions and they are still monitored by the guards. Although Dallas County is still only the first prison in the USA to add such technologies, more prisons are enlisting and this is the wave of the future. We must expect to see such communication technologies expanding more and more over the next couple of years. Not only in prisons, but also in other establishments such as hospitals, call centers and more.

List of 7 Tips for Getting a Better Video Chat Experience

Video chat has grown immensely over the past few years and today millions of people join in on cam-to-cam sites every single month. It’s easy to make new friends, find true love and even have a quick fling with a random stranger. However, many people have terrible experiences when using video chat sites because the other strangers constantly press the “next” button when they see them. Here is a list of 7 tips for a better video chat experience.


  1. In order to get people to stick around for a conversation with you, make sure that you’re not sitting in the dark. Nobody likes using video chat sites to chat with a black screen. The whole point of webcam chat is to see the person that you’re chatting with, so turn on some lights and let the good times roll.
  2. On some video chat sites such as Chatrandom, you can actually choose countries. When choosing a country you will only be shown people from that area. This makes it a lot easier for you to meet people that you know you will be able to understand.
  3. Getting a quality webcam is the key to having a blast with others online. HD webcams have really dropped in price and now you can buy a high definition webcam with auto-focus for under $100. This will definitely encourage others to watch your webcam.
  4. Playing music in the background is an excellent way to get people to enjoy watching your webcam. If the people you meet like the genre of music that you’re listening to, it will act as a wonderful icebreaker. Turn on your favourite tunes and make sure that it’s loud enough so that the strangers on cam can hear it, but not so loud that it makes it impossible for them to hear you talk.
  5. Make yourself look nice before appearing on cam. If you appear on cam with a bedhead and no makeup, you will most likely get “nexted” by everyone. Take some time to comb your hair, put on some makeup and wear decent clothes if you want people to take the time to chat with you.
  6. Never insult the other users or mock them. Video chat allows people to meet others in a judge-free environment. Most people get mocked enough as it is in real life; they probably don’t want to sit there listening to your insults on cam, even if they are just for jokes. Be respectful and remain nice at all times with the people you meet on cam.
  7. Don’t talk about sex right away. Even if you’re goal is to have virtual sex with random strangers, you shouldn’t discuss getting naked on cam immediately. Take some time to actually get to know the people that you’re chatting with. Then, when the time feels right, you can ease into the subject. Talking about sex right off the bat will normally scare people away from your webcam.

How You Can Become a Legend Through Video Chat Marketing

Video chat is one of the fastest growing communication methods on the Internet. Being able to randomly meet strangers worldwide is really amazing. It allows us to make friends, find love and even grow our businesses. That’s something that most people tend to forget about; we can actually get tons of free marketing by using these video chat environments. Whether you invented the next big product or even if you’ve just launched your very first website and you want to share it with the world, random chat sites are the best place to start.


Video Chat Sites and Marketing

Chatting with strangers online is fun, but it can also help boost your company or brand name. When using these types of cam-to-cam sites, you can see the people that you’re talking with. You will be able to see them face-to-face and hear them. With the press of a button, you can go from one person to the next on webcam. That’s where the marketing comes in; you can meet hundreds of different people per hour. That’s an incredible amount of people and if you go at it for a full day, you could reach out to over a thousand people. Do it for a week and your business just got a ton of traffic.

Video chat sites are normally free to use. Sites like Chatrandom and even ChatRad are amazing places to go in order to do this. ChatRad is actually the best G rated cam site on the Internet, so you know that you won’t see any genitals when using that site. That means you’ll actually be chatting with real people; not users who just want an adult experience.


Different Ways to Advertise on Webcam

There are thousands of different ways that you could advertise your company or brand online. Here are just a few ways that you can get started with.

  • Holding up a sign with the name of your website or product along with a quick description will get a lot of attention. Normally, when people notice other users that have signs in their hands, they take a few seconds and read what it has to say. That means thousands of people can learn about your site just by leaving a sign in front of your computer. Best of all, you don’t even have to be there!
  • Start talking to the people that you meet and within the first minute, bring up your business. Let them know about it and tell them how it could make their lives easier.
  • Wear a costume. If your business has a mascot or even if there’s something that could really represent your brand, wear it. It will capture the viewer’s attention and that’s when you can tell them all about your product.
  • Stream a video of your product. Point the webcam to a TV that keeps playing a short descriptive video about your business. Place the video on repeat mode so that you don’t have to stick around in order to keep pressing on the play button.


List of things to remember before going on a virtual date

Virtual dates are huge these days. With video chat sites surrounding us and with tons of new ways to meet up online and having it seem realistic, it’s easy for people to fall in love virtually. However, just like in real life, you will normally have to go on a few dates before anything serious can come from it. In order to build a solid relationship, you will need to have successful virtual dates. Here are a few things to remember before going on a virtual date.


  • The girls that accept to go on virtual dates with you will expect the same amount of courtesy that you would give them on a real date. Be polite, listen to her talk and be a true gentleman. Act like as if you’re actually in a restaurant with the girl and that she is sitting right in front of you.
  • Don’t forget to woo her. You will need to impress her, which is a lot more difficult than in real life situations. However, you can still buy her flowers and hold them up to the webcam for her to see. A nice idea is to get her flowers and then put them in a vase. Care for the flowers so that the next time you appear on cam with her she can see that you took care of them and that they are still alive.
  • Dress nicely. You don’t need to buy a fancy thousand dollar suit, but wearing a nice shirt and possibly a tie will gain you tons of points. She will see that have what it takes to look handsome and girls love handsome guys. Dress as nicely as you possibly can; the better you look, the more impressed she will be.77279889
  • Virtual dates can be anything you want them to be. You can pretend that you guys are on a beach, you can go for a walk with her or you can even stay in and cook something. A good idea is to make her supper. Although she won’t be able to taste it, it’s still very romantic and will make her heart melt for you. Don’t forget to make her dessert.                                                                                       images  
  • Get creative; give her a list of items to buy a few days earlier such as food ingredients. Then on the date, you guys can cook the exact same meal. If she doesn’t know how to make the meal that you want to cook for her, guide her through every step of the way. It’s a cool way to be doing something and having fun together rather than just sitting in front of the webcam with awkward silences.

Getting gift ideas from random strangers on webcam

When the holidays come around the corner, it’s not always easy to come up with good gift ideas. Sometimes, getting ideas from complete strangers can become quite helpful. This year, we recommend that you visit random chat sites to find all of your gifts. Why not ask the general public what they are giving to their family members and see how you can also get inspired by their gifts. Websites like ChatRandom can allow you to meet nearly a hundred different people every single hour. That’s more than enough people to help you figure out what you will be giving your loved ones these holidays.


How to approach the conversation

Knowing how to ask people for gift ideas may seem easy, but a lot of people tend to freeze up and not know what to say to the stranger they are talking with. Approaching the situation in a friendly matter is the best way to figure out some awesome gift ideas. If you really want to go all out, you could even dress up as Santa and ask people for their wish lists. Although they may think it’s all games, you can actually be writing down their wish lists and use them as gift ideas.

Gift idea exchanges

Exchanging gift ideas with random strangers on cam to cam sites may seem pointless to some, but it’s actually a way to connect with others online with something that we all have in common; the holidays. Bonding with others while also getting a great list of ideas for gifts will truly enhance your experience on these video chatting websites.


Since most people know that Christmas is a holiday of giving, most people will be willing to give you a helping hand. In fact, this works wonders for making new friends because it’s a solid conversation starter. Once you’ve established a nice list of gift ideas, you can transition the conversation towards another topic and remain friends with that person.

Testing your gift ideas online

Are you unsure about the gift that you bought or want to buy for someone? If so, why not use chat sites online to test out your gift ideas. Go on roulette chat websites where you can share webcam screens with another person and tell them your gift ideas. Ask them whether or not they would like to receive such a gift. Don’t just ask one person; ask dozens and dozens of people. If you just ask one person, they may have personal preferences that are different from the person who you want to give the gift to. Asking numerous people online about your gift ideas will allow you to really figure out whether or not it’s a good idea.