Prison Inmates Can Now Use Video Chat to Communicate With Their Loved Ones

For decades, the prison visitation system has remained the same. However, as technology advances, so does the prison system. Computers have become a major part of our lives and everything seems to revolve around computer technology these days. That’s why Dallas Country Prison has decided to become the first jail to allow their prisoners to video chat with their loved ones. Video chat sessions will be used just like regular visitations and prison guards to ensure that the prisoners do not discuss any illegal topics will monitor them.


Still a work in progress and still in test mode, the video chat visitations system aims to become huge. Although Dallas County is the first prison to incorporate this type of technology, more prisons are signing up for the same type of communication advancements. The service is currently being offered by Securus Technologies and comes at a price. Prisoners are charged $10 for a 20-minute video chat session. That may seem steep, but it’s actually quite affordable when you figure that the visitors do not need to spend gas money to go see the prisoners.

Multiple Benefits

Adding video chat visitations in prisons is actually quite beneficial for numerous reasons. One of the biggest benefits of allowing prisoners to video chat with their loved ones is the reduced risk of smuggling items into jail. It’s impossible to smuggle something into the prison through a webcam chat, which makes these video chat visitations much safer.

Visitors do not need to pay lots of money in gas simply to go see their loved ones. The risks of prisoners getting violent are reduced and since less guards are required; prisoners can use this type of visitation much more often than real life visitations.

Too Much Freedom

Some people are against the addition of video chat visitations in prisons because they believe that prisoners have no right to benefit from such technologies. However, it’s important to note that this is a safer way to handle things. Providing prisoners with this type of freedom is excellent because it gives them the ability to reach out to their loved ones with more ease, which may ultimately encourage them to get back on the right track.


In the end, video chat in prisons is not much more different than having phone calls. They must pay for the video chat sessions and they are still monitored by the guards. Although Dallas County is still only the first prison in the USA to add such technologies, more prisons are enlisting and this is the wave of the future. We must expect to see such communication technologies expanding more and more over the next couple of years. Not only in prisons, but also in other establishments such as hospitals, call centers and more.

List of 7 Tips for Getting a Better Video Chat Experience

Video chat has grown immensely over the past few years and today millions of people join in on cam-to-cam sites every single month. It’s easy to make new friends, find true love and even have a quick fling with a random stranger. However, many people have terrible experiences when using video chat sites because the other strangers constantly press the “next” button when they see them. Here is a list of 7 tips for a better video chat experience.


  1. In order to get people to stick around for a conversation with you, make sure that you’re not sitting in the dark. Nobody likes using video chat sites to chat with a black screen. The whole point of webcam chat is to see the person that you’re chatting with, so turn on some lights and let the good times roll.
  2. On some video chat sites such as Chatrandom, you can actually choose countries. When choosing a country you will only be shown people from that area. This makes it a lot easier for you to meet people that you know you will be able to understand.
  3. Getting a quality webcam is the key to having a blast with others online. HD webcams have really dropped in price and now you can buy a high definition webcam with auto-focus for under $100. This will definitely encourage others to watch your webcam.
  4. Playing music in the background is an excellent way to get people to enjoy watching your webcam. If the people you meet like the genre of music that you’re listening to, it will act as a wonderful icebreaker. Turn on your favourite tunes and make sure that it’s loud enough so that the strangers on cam can hear it, but not so loud that it makes it impossible for them to hear you talk.
  5. Make yourself look nice before appearing on cam. If you appear on cam with a bedhead and no makeup, you will most likely get “nexted” by everyone. Take some time to comb your hair, put on some makeup and wear decent clothes if you want people to take the time to chat with you.
  6. Never insult the other users or mock them. Video chat allows people to meet others in a judge-free environment. Most people get mocked enough as it is in real life; they probably don’t want to sit there listening to your insults on cam, even if they are just for jokes. Be respectful and remain nice at all times with the people you meet on cam.
  7. Don’t talk about sex right away. Even if you’re goal is to have virtual sex with random strangers, you shouldn’t discuss getting naked on cam immediately. Take some time to actually get to know the people that you’re chatting with. Then, when the time feels right, you can ease into the subject. Talking about sex right off the bat will normally scare people away from your webcam.

How You Can Become a Legend Through Video Chat Marketing

Video chat is one of the fastest growing communication methods on the Internet. Being able to randomly meet strangers worldwide is really amazing. It allows us to make friends, find love and even grow our businesses. That’s something that most people tend to forget about; we can actually get tons of free marketing by using these video chat environments. Whether you invented the next big product or even if you’ve just launched your very first website and you want to share it with the world, random chat sites are the best place to start.


Video Chat Sites and Marketing

Chatting with strangers online is fun, but it can also help boost your company or brand name. When using these types of cam-to-cam sites, you can see the people that you’re talking with. You will be able to see them face-to-face and hear them. With the press of a button, you can go from one person to the next on webcam. That’s where the marketing comes in; you can meet hundreds of different people per hour. That’s an incredible amount of people and if you go at it for a full day, you could reach out to over a thousand people. Do it for a week and your business just got a ton of traffic.

Video chat sites are normally free to use. Sites like Chatrandom and even ChatRad are amazing places to go in order to do this. ChatRad is actually the best G rated cam site on the Internet, so you know that you won’t see any genitals when using that site. That means you’ll actually be chatting with real people; not users who just want an adult experience.


Different Ways to Advertise on Webcam

There are thousands of different ways that you could advertise your company or brand online. Here are just a few ways that you can get started with.

  • Holding up a sign with the name of your website or product along with a quick description will get a lot of attention. Normally, when people notice other users that have signs in their hands, they take a few seconds and read what it has to say. That means thousands of people can learn about your site just by leaving a sign in front of your computer. Best of all, you don’t even have to be there!
  • Start talking to the people that you meet and within the first minute, bring up your business. Let them know about it and tell them how it could make their lives easier.
  • Wear a costume. If your business has a mascot or even if there’s something that could really represent your brand, wear it. It will capture the viewer’s attention and that’s when you can tell them all about your product.
  • Stream a video of your product. Point the webcam to a TV that keeps playing a short descriptive video about your business. Place the video on repeat mode so that you don’t have to stick around in order to keep pressing on the play button.


List of things to remember before going on a virtual date

Virtual dates are huge these days. With video chat sites surrounding us and with tons of new ways to meet up online and having it seem realistic, it’s easy for people to fall in love virtually. However, just like in real life, you will normally have to go on a few dates before anything serious can come from it. In order to build a solid relationship, you will need to have successful virtual dates. Here are a few things to remember before going on a virtual date.


  • The girls that accept to go on virtual dates with you will expect the same amount of courtesy that you would give them on a real date. Be polite, listen to her talk and be a true gentleman. Act like as if you’re actually in a restaurant with the girl and that she is sitting right in front of you.
  • Don’t forget to woo her. You will need to impress her, which is a lot more difficult than in real life situations. However, you can still buy her flowers and hold them up to the webcam for her to see. A nice idea is to get her flowers and then put them in a vase. Care for the flowers so that the next time you appear on cam with her she can see that you took care of them and that they are still alive.
  • Dress nicely. You don’t need to buy a fancy thousand dollar suit, but wearing a nice shirt and possibly a tie will gain you tons of points. She will see that have what it takes to look handsome and girls love handsome guys. Dress as nicely as you possibly can; the better you look, the more impressed she will be.77279889
  • Virtual dates can be anything you want them to be. You can pretend that you guys are on a beach, you can go for a walk with her or you can even stay in and cook something. A good idea is to make her supper. Although she won’t be able to taste it, it’s still very romantic and will make her heart melt for you. Don’t forget to make her dessert.                                                                                       images  
  • Get creative; give her a list of items to buy a few days earlier such as food ingredients. Then on the date, you guys can cook the exact same meal. If she doesn’t know how to make the meal that you want to cook for her, guide her through every step of the way. It’s a cool way to be doing something and having fun together rather than just sitting in front of the webcam with awkward silences.

Getting gift ideas from random strangers on webcam

When the holidays come around the corner, it’s not always easy to come up with good gift ideas. Sometimes, getting ideas from complete strangers can become quite helpful. This year, we recommend that you visit random chat sites to find all of your gifts. Why not ask the general public what they are giving to their family members and see how you can also get inspired by their gifts. Websites like ChatRandom can allow you to meet nearly a hundred different people every single hour. That’s more than enough people to help you figure out what you will be giving your loved ones these holidays.


How to approach the conversation

Knowing how to ask people for gift ideas may seem easy, but a lot of people tend to freeze up and not know what to say to the stranger they are talking with. Approaching the situation in a friendly matter is the best way to figure out some awesome gift ideas. If you really want to go all out, you could even dress up as Santa and ask people for their wish lists. Although they may think it’s all games, you can actually be writing down their wish lists and use them as gift ideas.

Gift idea exchanges

Exchanging gift ideas with random strangers on cam to cam sites may seem pointless to some, but it’s actually a way to connect with others online with something that we all have in common; the holidays. Bonding with others while also getting a great list of ideas for gifts will truly enhance your experience on these video chatting websites.


Since most people know that Christmas is a holiday of giving, most people will be willing to give you a helping hand. In fact, this works wonders for making new friends because it’s a solid conversation starter. Once you’ve established a nice list of gift ideas, you can transition the conversation towards another topic and remain friends with that person.

Testing your gift ideas online

Are you unsure about the gift that you bought or want to buy for someone? If so, why not use chat sites online to test out your gift ideas. Go on roulette chat websites where you can share webcam screens with another person and tell them your gift ideas. Ask them whether or not they would like to receive such a gift. Don’t just ask one person; ask dozens and dozens of people. If you just ask one person, they may have personal preferences that are different from the person who you want to give the gift to. Asking numerous people online about your gift ideas will allow you to really figure out whether or not it’s a good idea.

Top 5 webcam chat sites of 2014

Every now and again, new cam sites appear online and make for a great opportunity. If you tend to be bored when using your computer, fear no more; cam sites are here. We have combined the top 6 webcam chat sites of 2014 into one article so that you could easily find tons of people to chat with on the internet via your webcam.

Check out the list for some awesome cam to cam sites:



Chatrandom has been around for more than half a decade. This pioneer in the random cam industry is still going strong. If you want to be connected with tens of thousands of people at any given moment, you won’t want to use any other video chat site. Chatrandom has numerous options for you to choose from, giving you the ability to make your chatting experience truly unique. Whether you want to chat with boys only, girls only or even if you want to enter chat rooms, this site makes it easy to do.



Alright, most of you know that Omegle is prankster capital. That’s right, if you type Omegle Videos in Google or YouTube, you will be shown hundreds of prank videos. This makes Omegle a great place to enjoy a nice time and share some laughs with complete strangers. That goes without mentioning that Omegle has also had its fair share of celebrities spotted online.


Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.39.34 AM

Do you want to get funky on cam? Dirtyroulette is the premier adult chatroulette site where you can take your top off, strip for other users or even watch others get fully naked without ever getting banned. Dirtyroulette is the chatroulette for naked people, so avoid using this site when kids are around and don’t forget to bring your mojo with you on your way in.


If you’re into girls and all you love is boobs and cute booties, you’ll fall in love with Chatroulettegirls. This site only brings you the best live cam models on the internet. With some of the hottest and sexiest woman on the planet all in one place, you will get to enjoy quality webcam chat shows within moments. It’s easy to find your type of chick by using the categories and search tools.



Did you know that you could choose to chat with gays only? That’s right, Gaypage is the number one gay video chat site online. When using this site, you will be shown thousands and thousands of gay users on cam making it easy for you to have a great time with ease. You no longer need to press the next button for hours before finding a gay man; simply enter Gaypage and it will take a matter of minutes.

Online Dating Sites VS Video Chat Sites

We all want to find love and meeting people online has many benefits over trying to chat someone up from the office or in a pub. Using the internet to meet people allows you to be more relaxed, talk to people at a time that suits you, and can eliminate the jitters many people feel when talking to a stranger in real life. When searching for love online some people use online dating sites whereas more and more people are turning to video chat sites as a method of meeting someone. There are benefits and drawbacks to both methods and we take a look at which is the best for finding that special someone online.

Online Dating Sites


When the internet was on the way to becoming the phenomenon it is today, one of the first things people used it for was to find love. This led to online dating sites popping up as a way of connecting people in a convenient way. This was an incredible service back then when the internet was still relatively new and the ability to see profiles of loads of local people was a new and exciting concept. However, since then the internet has become a social hub and online dating sites have a few drawbacks.

The majority of online dating sites are actually quite involved and it takes a lot of time to use them and find someone. Setting up your profile alone can take a few hours and then that information is what you will be judged on for anyone who views it. It is hard to let your personality shine through in a few sentences and there is generally fierce competition, making it difficult to attract profile clicks, never mind actual contact from anyone. Beyond your bio you will be judged by a single profile picture and it can difficult to know what kind of picture to select.

Once you have your bio up and running and begin to search for other users, most online dating sites will limit you to only contacting people who live within a certain radius. This dramatically decreases the number of people you can meet using the service. If you do actually contact anyone it can be a long and slow process in sending a message and then waiting for a reply, which could take a couple of days. All of this points to an old fashioned and out of date way of finding love online.

Video Chat Sites

omegle and chatroulette

Video chat sites are a modern and more exciting way to find love online. The rise in popularity of this service has seen thousands of users frequent video chat sites daily, many more than the number of users who frequent online dating sites. People have less spare time these days and the ability to simply navigate to a video chat site and begin using it straight away without the need to set up a profile is a huge plus.

These days most people have a webcam with their PC or laptop and using this piece of hardware to find love is a step in the right direction. Instead of using tired methods of setting up a profile and a single picture on which to be judged, video chat sites allow users to interact in real time using a video connection. This provides an opportunity to let your personality shine through and to give off a great and unique first impression to each person you come across.

You can connect with people from all over the world using this service and don’t have to be limited to people who only live in your vicinity. If you are bored or don’t feel a connection with the person you’re chatting to, simply click next and you can be connected to someone new instantly. Using this method allows you to meet hundreds more people per hour than online dating sites.

In conclusion, if you are looking for love online then video chat sites are the future!

The Various Rules of Random Cam Sites

The rise in popularity of random cam sites has led to a huge diversity of sites which provide random video chat and each site contains its own rules and regulations. Before logging on to a random cam site it is important to understand what is allowed and what isn’t allowed so you don’t get banned. Some sites will have an ‘anything goes’ policy whereas some websites are tightly controlled and moderated to ensure users can only engage in certain activities. The rules which are implemented on random cam sites can be split into three categories – strict rules, some rules, and no rules.

téléchargement (2)

Strict Rules

The websites which fall under this category are the ones which use a large team of moderators in order to enforce the rules and ban any users who don’t abide by them. Sites such as and fall under this category. They have both implemented a host of rules, however, they have kept an age limit of 18 and older which means they are unsuitable for users of any age.

The rules imposed by these two sites are quite similar with moderation imposed on users who:

  • Broadcast or offer any kind of nudity to other users
  • Use a fake video stream of another person
  • Broadcast spam – for instance broadcasting a picture of a funny animal is considered spam
  • Use drugs or do any other illegal activity on cam
  • Use blackmail against a person you are chatting to or offend them in any way

The rules above are strongly enforced on and with no leeway offered to people who have misunderstood or almost broken the rules. If another user reports you for any offense or a moderator feels inclined, your IP address will be banned from the site and you will be unable to use it again. This strict rule policy coupled with an age policy of over 18 users only has led to many people seeking alternatives where they aren’t so controlled in their actions.

téléchargement (1)

Some Rules

Although too much moderation can kill the fun on a random cam site, there are some sites which have a couple of basic rules to enhance the enjoyment of their users. Sites such as and fall under this category, with both sites having different rules to attract different users. encourages its users to have fun and dress up while maintaining a no nudity policy. This rule is moderated on site, however, the difference is as long as the users abide by this single rule they will be in no danger of getting banned. is another site which implements some rules instead of over moderation. It is one of the only random cam sites which is G-rated and has made their service suitable for people of all ages. As long as users keep their clothes on, the moderators will be happy.

No Rules

Of course there are also random cam sites which don’t implement any rules and offer their users an ‘anything goes’ policy. Sites such as, and are strictly over 18 but beyond that there are no rules to abide. These kinds of sites have proven extremely popular for people who wish to have the freedom to use a random cam site as they see fit and not feel obliged to follow a list of rules.

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning Working Together Again!

We all remember Napster, the free file-sharing service created by two teenagers which revolutionized the internet, the music industry and can even be considered as a precursor to iTunes. Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning got back together again a few years ago to launch a flashy random cam site named Airtime. This was meant to be the big one, a great comeback onto the tech scene for two of the best-known entrepreneurs of our generation.

Parker and Fanning poured millions of dollars into Airtime, launching the business with an incredible amount of press and fanfare. The guests at the launch were a who’s who of celebrities and top investors. It was dubbed the ‘next big thing’ and our social world was about to change. The site went live to cheers from the worlds rich and famous, but, within a month it was gone. The company failed to live up to its hype and quickly became a punchline. Parker and Fanning had failed to deliver as they did when they were teenagers.


Airtime was flop for many reasons, the site was very buggy, the use of desktop instead of mobile, the difficult navigation and as a video chat site it simply didn’t live up to expectation. However, the flop of Airtime wasn’t the end of Parker and Fanning working together as a team. In fact, they have been quietly tweaking the program behind the scenes and re-launched it as OkHello, a mobile video chat app.

OkHello was launched in the exact opposite manner to Airtime. There was no fanfare, no celebrities, and no claims of it being the next big thing, there wasn’t even a press release. It was simply released in the app store and on the android market and allowed to display its abilities when downloaded. This approach seems to have worked for Parker and Fanning as OkHello has consistently been in the top 100 social media apps since its release, peaking in the top 10 on several occasions.


The app is instantly attractive, with a pleasant layout and smooth interface. Video chat is a huge market and this app makes group video, sharing photos, using text messaging, and audio chatting simple and fun. It seems Parker and Fanning have really hit the nail on the head with this app and with Facebook’s recent acquisition of WhatsApp, a simple and well-functioning mobile video chat service truly has the ability to be the next big thing.

The failure of Airtime has taught Parker and Fanning some valuable lessons in the rebrand and re-launch. The outlandish claims and bravado which surrounded the launch of Airtime allowed people to relish in its failure, however, the more subtle and stealthy release of OkHello has taken everyone by surprise. It has given the duo leeway with this project and allowed them to concentrate on creating an excellent product rather than excellent press.

It is great to see Parker and Fanning working together again as the success of OkHello could lead to the duo continuing to innovate and create new ideas and technology everyone can enjoy.


The 3 Best Gay Chat Sites You’ll ever Use Online

Hunting down the right gay chat site can be a difficult task. There are loads of sites out there which cater to gay men, and all claim to be the best for an ultimate gay experience. Searching through all these sites can be hugely time consuming when you could be chatting instead. A great gay chat site should be safe, friendly, and enjoyable with loads of other gay users online. So, instead of having to navigate to every single gay chat site and wasting valuable chatting time, here are the 3 best gay chat sites you’ll ever use online:


SocialBoys is one of the best gay cam and gay chat sites out there. The site is extremely user-friendly with easy navigation and a huge range of guys online at all times. The guys who are online are split into categories such as; Asian, Athletic, Big Cock, Black, College, Daddy, Guy Next Door, Straight, Uncut, and many more to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The site is secure and reliable allowing chat via your webcam in comfort once you have found a guy you like the look of. There is no shortage of users either with excess of 50 guys online at all times from each category, providing one of the widest selections of gay men online. Best of all, using the site is completely free with only sign-up required.


ManD8 is an all-in-one gay chat experience with a host of features including; gay chat, gay dating, and watching videos other users have posted online. Signing up to the site is free and once you have set up an account, the opportunities to meet other gay men are limitless. The gay community on this site are very active and you will always find plenty of other users online to text chat, video chat, and SMS chat with. One of the many great features on MAnD8 is the ability to browse profiles and see who’s available to ‘take calls’, meaning you know who is available to chat at any given time. The sheer number of features and ways of chatting on this site make it extremely popular and it doesn’t even cost a dime.


Gaypage is one of the most popular gay chat sites online, with thousands of users online at any given time waiting to chat. Gaypage is built around the idea of meeting random guys and the chat roulette feature is by far the most popular, with a huge variety of guy from around the world using their webcam to find other guys. However, if chat roulette isn’t your thing, Gaypage offers chat rooms, webcam chat, sex cams, text chat, and live boys on cam. All these features allow users to chat with other gay men in an environment they feel comfortable in. The site is the most straight-forward and simple to use on this list and is also completely free to use. If you’re looking to make new friends, need someone to chat to, or are seeking a hot experience then Gaypage is certainly the place to go.