Social Media Networks VS Video Chat Sites

The way we communicate online is constantly evolving and that evolution has led to two major ways of connecting with people. On one hand we have social media networks, which have dominated how we communicate with others for the last few years. On the other hand we have video chat sites, which have steadily risen over the last couple of years to transform how we connect with other when online. These two forms of connecting with people are both immensely popular with each one having its own benefits and drawbacks. Here we take a look at each form of communication and see which is the best.

Social Media Networks

The rise of social media began around ten years ago with the rise of Facebook. Before we knew it, there were countless other social media networks available such as Twitter and Instagram. Social media provides a solution to a basic need – the need to communicate with others. The reason for the rise in social media networks is the ease in which you can broadcast a message or thought for your network of friends to then read, comment or like.

However, social media networks remain quite rigid in their structure and although they are trying to keep up with the needs of people, they aren’t as innovative as they once were. Think about it, in order to use a social networking site you must set up a profile, spend time finding and requesting friends and people you know, and then keep everything up to date by constantly uploading new statuses and posts. You are generally limited to communicating with people you know in real life through the need to send a friend request. Although social media networks are ideal for communicating with friends over a long period of time they lack the need we feel to have the ability to connect with people instantly.

Video Chat Sites

Video chat sites came on the scene with a bang when chatroulette launched a few years ago. Since then, the original site has lost its cult status, however, many more sites offering similar services have popped up and proved to be immensely popular. These sites have offered a service which caters to people’s shorter attention spans and the need people have to get connected instantly. The majority of video chat sites don’t even require users to sign-up, simply navigate to the site and away you go.

This is just one appeal of video chat sites. Many PCs and laptops come equipped with a webcam, however, they rarely get used. Video chat sites have changed this forever, making webcams an essential part of any computer. On a video chat site you simply click start and you are connected with another person who you’ve never met before from any part of the world. This is a hugely exciting experience and one which social media networks are unable to provide. The ability to chat to hundreds of people every hour on these video chat sites allows people to relax and enjoy themselves without any worry.

In conclusion, social media networks are still going strong but are desperately trying to keep up with new methods of communicating. One such method which has them worried is video chat sites, a form of communication which is the future.

Let’s take a Look at Where Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are today

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning became household names in the late 90’s with their hand in the development of Napster and Facebook. The entrepreneurs met as teenagers and with both sharing a passion for hacking and programming, they embarked on a mission that would lead to the creation of the hugely popular Napster service. They also worked together in helping Facebook become the immense success it is today and were headline news around the world. Let’s take a look at what these two innovators are up to today:

Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Sean Parker currently sits at number 738 on the Forbes rich list with an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion. After the federal police shut down Napster, Parker was seeking an investment which could allow the sharing of music legally and opted to invest $15 million into a new venture called Spotify. He helped launch the service in the US and integrated it with Facebook to allow the sharing of playlists.

He is also a partner at investment shop Founders Fund with early Facebook investor Peter Thiel, which is focused on investing capital into early-stage companies. He has provided support to many start-up companies including Quantcast, Path and Knewton. On top of his business interests, Parker spends a lot of time raising funds for charity, cancer research and other good causes. In 2011, he married Alexandra Lenas and in 2013 she gave birth to his daughter.

Shawn Fanning


Shawn Fanning currently sits on a personal net worth of approximately $7.5 million dollars. Since the closing down of Napster, Fanning has actively participated in many start-ups and invested in many companies. His first big project after Napster was Snocap, a legitimate marketplace for digital media which suffered many issues and was quickly sold off.

In 2006, his new company Rapture was acquired by Electronic Arts for $15 million, however in 2009 a round of layoffs saw Rapture encompassed and he went on to a new company named Path. Path is a social network and photo sharing site which is still going strong today with millions of users worldwide. He has managed to keep a low profile in recent years and lives in New York with his wife and two kids.

Recent Joint Venture

In 2011, Parker and Fanning re-united for the first time since their work on Napster to create a random cam site named Airtime. They put a huge amount of money into its development, however, within a month of going live the site was deemed a flop and taken down. However, they didn’t give up and this year have re-released Airtime under its new façade – OkHello. The launch of OkHello was extremely low key compared to the launch of Airtime but the duo are hoping it will be much more successful.

Parker and Fanning have both used the money and fame gained from Napster all those years ago to move in different direction. Parker is very active in the community and maintains a public presence whereas Fanning has shied away from the public spotlight, eager to concentrate solely on his work. However, both remain friends and are keen to work together as has been proven by Airtime and OkHello. The big question is what’s next for these incredible entrepreneurs?


Why Most People Lower Their Standards When Searching for Love Online

Searching for love online opens up a world where instead of just a handful of people to choose from, there are hundreds of thousands. The popularity of searching for love online has dramatically increased in the last decade and initially led to people becoming pickier when choosing a partner. The sheer number of people online meant there was a general feeling that one could always do better, that even if you found someone and formed a strong bond with them, there was always someone better out there. However, this frame of mind in people meant that finding success when searching for love online became increasingly difficult.


It is common for a person who is initially searching for love online to have an unrealistic expectation of the kind of person they would like to meet. They want the person to look exactly as they imagine, share every interest with them, and preferably live in close proximity to them. However, after a while it becomes apparent that being too fussy will mean never finding love and people begin to lower their expectations. This doesn’t mean settling for the first person who comes along, but, instead looking more realistically at what they want in their partner.

The first thing many people will deviate from is a potential partner’s looks. We all have an unrealistic image of our perfect partners and trying to find someone who exactly fits the bill is an impossible task. When lowering expectations in regards to looks, people may accept a partner who has a different hair color than they imagined or someone who has a couple of extra pounds. This sort of compromise is essential to gaining success when looking for love online.


When people drop their standards when it comes to looks, they tend to concentrate on other things which are more important in creating a successful relationship. Personality traits and common interests become the focus for finding a partner over just looks. This change in attitude is the reason why the internet is producing an increasing amount of long term relationships. When people meet in a traditional way, looks is generally the initial attraction with personality and interests an afterthought. However, when people drop their standards online and search for partners based on personality instead of looks, the relationship begins on a common interest rather than an initial chemical attraction.


By lowering standards when searching for love online, you can actually increase your chances of becoming involved in a successful relationship. Recent studies have suggested that relationships which begin online last longer than relationships which begin in a traditional way. It is this lowering of standards which has created these statistics and which has led to the internet becoming the most popular place to meet a future partner. So, when beginning to look for love online, you may have a fantastical idea about the looks a partner must have and refuse to compromise. However, if you drop your standards and concentrate on personality and interests there is a much higher chance of finding a meaningful relationship.

How to Become a Successful Cam Model

Being a webcam model is one of the easiest jobs in the adult industry, offering excellent pay, flexible hours, and the comfort of working from your own home. However, more and more people are becoming attracted to this industry as a way to earn extra income and standing out from the crowd is essential if you want to become a successful cam model. There is potential to earn thousands of dollars a week if you follow some basic guidelines:


Have a Great Profile

Your profile is an essential part of attracting new customers into your chat room. It can be viewed even when you are offline, offering reasons for a potential client to come back and view your cam when you are back online. Be sure to have high quality pictures that can grab someone’s attention. There is no point in having low resolution pictures as people will simply skip by to view the profile of someone who is displaying pictures with a better quality.

Try to put up several pictures which display your talents without giving too much away. Teasing photos and sexy pictures are a great way to catch client’s attention and entice them into your room. Choose the most attention grabbing picture as your profile picture, which is the one that will be listed when you are online. Take the time to fill out all the information boxes too, such fetishes or kinks so that members who are searching for similar qualities can easily find you.

Pre-Show Preparation

Being prepared before going on cam is essential as you don’t want to disappear half-way through a show to hunt down an accessory or fix the lighting. Try and use a high quality webcam, the higher resolution of the picture you display the more customers you will gain. Have at least two light sources in order to prevent the glare from the monitor ruining your look. The picture quality is a huge factor in attracting clients.


Have a good background setup. There is no use performing in a room that is messy or poorly decorated as this will detract from your performance. You can use a fancy bedspread, cushions or candles to set the mood if you like. Have all your props and accessories close at hand. If you have everything you need close by, you can show it off as a teaser for a private show.


This is when you can display your talents and personality which is going to win over customers and make you extremely successful. The most important thing to do on cam is to have fun, don’t sit there looking bored or distracted as this won’t appeal to users scanning the available models. People will be more likely to give you tips and take you into private shows if you look like you have a fun personality.

Use your microphone to communicate with people in the chat room. People much prefer to hear you talking than watch you typing and using audio offers the opportunity to giggle and flirt easily with customers. Don’t give too much away for free but instead tease and seduce customers into a private show.

Promote Yourself


Finally, make sure you maintain an online presence for fans and new clients alike. Set up a twitter profile under your model pseudonym and actively maintain it. Make sure you acknowledge new followers and reply to all tweets directed at you. You can also set up a personal blog or website to promote yourself. Be sure to announce upcoming shows to gain more viewers and you will be a successful webcam model in no time!



How to Make Friends online without it being about Sex

The internet provides loads of platforms where people can make friends online. From social networks to video chat sites to forums, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people online who share your interests and could potentially become your new best friend. However, there are also a lot of people who use these sites looking for more than friendship. They might be looking to hook-up with someone and constantly try to bring up sex. If you are only interested in making friends with the people you meet online and don’t want it to be about sex then try using the following conversation topics when chatting to new people. If the person is constantly steering the conversation towards sex then it might be best to move on.



Music is a great topic to chat about when meeting someone new. Everyone has a favorite genre of music and favorite artist and chatting about music can quickly establish any common ground you may have with the person. Try asking about the last concert they went to or the last album they downloaded. Doing this should open up a whole avenue of conversation without it steering towards sex.



Chatting about sports can be a great way to make friends online, especially if you both like the same team or follow the same sport. Try asking the person what sports they like to play or watch and if they go to any games. If you both have a common sporting interest it can easily form the foundation for a friendship without any hint of chat about sex.


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We all eat food, therefore it is certain that food is a topic you will have in common with the person you’re chatting to. Ask them what their favorite meal is or what country their favorite food comes from. You could even chat about what you had for dinner last night and share recipes and tips for cooking. Of course, for some people food can be quite sensual so try and keep the conversation about establishing common food interests and in no time you’ll be chatting like best friends.

Video Games

téléchargement (2)

Video games can be an excellent topic to chat about with the right person. If you are really into video games, try bringing up the latest video game as a topic of conversation. Obviously, not everyone is going to be into video games but if you find someone who shares your enthusiasm for video games then you’re on to a winner. You can exchange usernames and play games with the person online without ever having to talk about sex.

Any Other Topic Which Isn’t Too Personal

The trick to making friends online without talking about sex is to keep the topic of conversation away from anything too personal. For instance, chatting about a TV show from last night is perfectly fine, however, if you start talking about your last relationship or how long you’ve been single the chances are the conversation will lead to sex. Make a mental note of your hobbies and interests which don’t involve anything sexual and use them to make conversation when meeting new people online.

Best Time of Day to Use Chat Sites

Knowing the best time of day to use a chat site is an important question. Chat sites, like all sites, tend to enjoy peak times throughout the day when there are more users online at a certain time. The time of day you head over to a chat site can also determine whether you’re more likely to meet people who are local to you or people from the other side of the world. Navigating to a chat site at peak times can mean there is more users to chat to and there is more diversity in the nationality of the users.


In order to maximize your chances of meeting more people, you need to decide two things. Firstly you need to know when the best time of day to chat is and secondly you need to know what time of day is best to meet people from other countries. Below we have broken both topics down to help you enjoy the best possible chatting experience.

Morning, Afternoon, or Night?

Generally chat sites experience three surges of users every day. The first surge is early in the morning, before many people leave their house for work or school. Many people like to head over to chat rooms when starting the day, getting it off to a fun start. It is also quite populated at this time with people who may have been unable to sleep or suffer insomnia and decided to pop onto a chat site.

There is usually a slight lull in the number of users after 9am, mainly due to people having to attend school or work. The next surge occurs around lunch time, when many people will log on to a chat site during their lunch break to have a quick chat. However, the best time of day to find users online is from 7pm until midnight. This is when people have come home after a hard day and use the chat sites to unwind and relax. If you log on at this time you will see loads of other users and have no shortage of people to chat with.

Know Your Time Zones

Of course, knowing the best time of day to log on will only help you meet users who share your time zone. If you want to meet people from other countries you need to know what time zone they’re in and what their peak times are. Most countries operate with similar working and school hours and will have the peak number of users online between 7pm and midnight.

So, if you wanted to meet someone from Europe, the best way to go about it is to log on to a chat site between 7pm and midnight on GMT. There isn’t a huge difference in the time zones of Europe so you will find people online from the United Kingdom to Turkey at this time. If you wanted to meet people from Asia or Australia, use UTC +7 to calculate the time. By doing this you are likelier to meet people from China, Indonesia, and Australia.

The majority of users on chat sites come from the United States, so following North American time zones will result in meeting the largest number of people. However, if you are more interested in diversity than quantity, follow the times zones as advised above.


Gaining Access to a Girl’s Pants Starts with Accessing Her Heart

Picture the scene – you see a girl you like, you give her a seductive look, and before you know it she’s naked in your room. Unfortunately, this isn’t real life as the movies would have us believe and gaining access to a girl’s pants takes a little bit of time and effort first. The true secret to getting a girl into your bedroom is to win her heart. If you take the time to win her trust then access to her pants is only a matter of time.


So, imagine you meet a hot girl and the only thing you can think of is how good those pants she’s wearing would look on your bedroom floor. You can’t simply approach her and tell her you want to get into her pants. You need to talk to her and win her over first. The best way to do this is to begin with a charming and/or original chat-up line. Avoid clichés and try to think of something that will catch her attention. Use humor and compliments to create the perfect line for her. If she reacts with a giggle or a ‘thank you’ seize the opportunity to make conversation.

The best way to go about it is to engage her in conversation about things she is interested in. Ask her about her interests and hobbies and if you don’t share them, pretend you’re interested. While chatting remember to maintain eye contact and keep your body language open and engaged. Laugh if she makes a joke, ask questions regarding the topic, and keep the conversation flowing. The longer she talks to you, the higher chance you have of accessing her heart and ultimately her pants.


The next move is the most important as it will ensure you don’t get put in the ‘friend zone’, which can be easily done if you don’t make you intentions clear. As the conversation is flowing and you can see she is relaxed, begin to flirt a little bit. At first use subtle flirting techniques such as gently touching her arm or giving her a cute nickname when asking a question. Watch her response as you do this and gauge how she is receiving the flirting. If she’s responding by flirting back, you are on the way to winning her heart. If she isn’t responding well, adjust your flirting technique as you may be too forward or obvious.

At this stage she should be fixated on the conversation with you and is becoming emotionally involved, opening her heart to you. You can use more obvious flirting and compliments now to make a strong move for her heart. Tell her she looks beautiful or she has the most amazing eyes you have ever seen. These sort of compliments should seal the deal and ensure you are the only one she has eyes for. You can now make your move by slowly leaning in for a kiss which will ultimately lead to accessing her pants freely and easily.

Brazilians Learn English via Webcam

The wide availability of webcams has provided a new way to bring people together. It is now a breeze to video chat with your friends and gossip about the latest news or catch up with a family member on the other side of the world. Webcams are also becoming a means to provide services and education.

images (1)

An innovative and inspiring idea has brought together two groups of unlikely people in a combined mission to educate via video chat. In a retirement home located in Chicago there are residents who feel bored and lonely. In Brazil, a group of students eager to improve their English language skills in a meaningful and fun way. Bring them both together and you have created a simple and brilliant idea.

The project has been dubbed ‘Speaking Exchange’ and uses the power of webcams to link the elderly of Chicago with the youth of Brazil. The project enables Brazilian students to learn and improve their spoken English by connecting them with elderly Americans, providing valuable education to the Brazilians and meaningful company to the Americans. The situation benefits everyone involved and displays the incredible power webcams have to connect us with people around the world.


The Speaking Exchange project has been recently developed by CAN language schools, which cater for over half a million students, as an alternative way for students to improve their English language skills. Learning a new language is tough and sitting in a classroom taking notes and studying language from a book can be a tiring process. It is commonly known that the best way to improve language skills is by communicating with a native language speaker and this project facilities that with great success.

The concept of the project is simple, Brazilian students and elderly Americans both log on to a secure digital tool which has video chat capabilities and have a conversation in English. The videos of the conversations are then uploaded to a private YouTube account which is accessed by the teachers who can evaluate the progress of each student. This method of learning is so simple yet so effective with both sets of participants thoroughly enjoying the experience.


Using video chat with a stranger to learn a new language can be daunting, however, it offers students the chance to improve social skills as well as language skills. The early stages of the project has produced some touching moments between the unlikely friends with many of the participants forming a strong bond with their counterparts. Many students have promised to keep in touch with their elderly tutors, delighting their retired friend with the promise of continued company.

The project has proved a huge success and is quickly catching on with applications open for Brazilian students and elderly Americans alike. It has also provided a platform from which other ideas can be created, offering the ability to not only meet but to learn from someone you otherwise may not even knew existed. This project has displayed the true power an internet connection and webcam can have on people’s lives.

Webcam Chat with Your Pets When You’re Away From Home

We all love our pets, in fact many of us consider our pet as a direct member of the family or an extra child. There’s nothing better than getting home from a long day at work and having your cat there to greet you or going for a run in the park with your dog. Pets are essential to us, they provide friendship, happiness, and enhance our daily lives. This is what makes it so difficult to leave your pet behind when you go on holiday. We all need to get away for a couple of weeks every now and again and leaving your pet in the hands of someone else or in a kennel can cause constant worry.

images (1)

Now there’s a new product on the market called ‘PetChatz’, which allows owners to see their pets on a webcam while they are not at home. This imaginative product has found a niche in the market and by using a webcam coupled with a microphone, speakers and motion detectors allows people to interact with their pets as if they were right there beside them. It can certainly ease the nagging worry when away on holiday that your pet is doing fine.


The system has been designed to provide a high quality video picture which can be mounted on a wall, out of reach of the pet. While catching up with your best friend you can use options on the system to dispense treats and scents which the pet will receive on the other end. No need to worry about running out of treats as the system alerts you when it is running low and needs to be topped up. The system offers a host of possibilities for people who can’t be without their pets for a second.


By creating a system which releases scents and snacks, PetChatz has offered a viable solution to ensuring the pet is attracted to the webcam and doesn’t wander off mid-way through a video session. It seems they have thought of everything when developing this software with a ringtone installed to alert the pet you are establishing a connection. The scent pad can be used to provide anything from aromatherapy scents to your own scent. It is blown out from the webcam with a fan to alert your pet a fun experience is taking place.


This creative design is yet to be released but is due to be on the market in the summer. It is sure to attract a lot of attention from pet owners who hate leaving their pets, even if it is just to go to work. With the use of webcams becoming more innovative all the time, it is no surprise that a step has been taken to use this fantastic technology to bring our beloved pets closer to us. The uses for a product like PetChatz can stretch beyond housebound pets with the ability to place them in stables or pens on a farm also a possibility.

We all love using our webcams to chat to family and friends on video, so why not our pets too?

Cat on Webcam Goes Viral

Since the dawn of the internet, people have loved sharing pictures and videos of cats. There just seems to be something about these little felines that sends our cute emotions into overdrive. Type ‘cats’ into Google or YouTube and literally millions of different pieces of media will pop up, everything from cats chasing some string to cats pulling funny faces to simply cats sleeping. People can’t get enough of cats and never seem to tire of watching them.

cat viral

Now there’s something else to keep cat lovers entertained at all hours of the day. An idea formulated by 43 year old John Bartlett has taken the internet by storm and gone viral within a matter of days. John works part time in a cat shelter, trying to find good homes for the kittens that are kept there. For the past few years he has fostered kittens in his own home until they were old enough to be put up for adoption. He kept the kittens in a spare bedroom, nurturing them for the first few months of their lives.

The kittens would need constant attention and John came up with the idea of setting up a webcam in the spare room where they were kept so he could always have an eye on them. Then, a eureka moment hit him, which would lead to an internet phenomenon. He decided to share his webcam broadcast with the world on YouTube, initially with only a handful of people watching. However, recent media attention from People magazine and Grant Imahara from MythBusters has made ‘Kitten Cam’ a worldwide hit.

kitten webcam

The live stream of kittens playing, eating, and mainly sleeping is now viewed by over 40,000 people worldwide including viewers from the UK, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and Finland. People found watching the kittens live their lives on a webcam broadcast would help them de-stress after a tough day and provide the perfect place to turn to if they were feeling depressed or sad. This led to the formation of a Facebook page and a community of Kitten Cam lovers began to develop.

People would share thoughts and stories online with other viewers while watching the broadcast and now it has led to the world’s first ever Kitten Cam Con, taking place in Seattle. This convention is a celebration of all things feline and has come about from a simple idea of broadcasting a live webcam feed of kittens. It really demonstrates the incredible power of an internet connection and a webcam.

cat on cam

Cats are now the most popular domestic pets in the world, overtaking the previous frontrunners – dogs. Our love affair with cats was brought to the fore when the internet provided an opportunity for people to sit and admire media featuring these pets from the comfort of their own home. Maybe it’s the whiskers, maybe it’s the purring, maybe it’s the playfulness, but there is definitely something about cats, and especially kittens, which send a strong signal to our brains and just makes us want to say ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh’.