Get Car Repair Advice on Webcam Chat  

Getting advice on how to fix your car is not always the easiest thing to do. On the internet, you can often visit forums, but that only allows you to read what others write. It’s incredibly difficult to take on mechanic tasks through words. If you want to get proper tips, you need to get webcam chat help. Webcam chat sites allow you to see the other person that you’re talking with and they get to see you. It makes it a lot easier for them to hear the sound that your car is making, to guide you through the steps and to ensure that you are doing things properly.


Where to find mechanics on webcam

Finding mechanics on webcam chat sites isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In fact, there are millions of daily users on random chat sites, making it easy for you to find a mechanic to have a chat with. All you need to do is find sites that will allow you to come in contact with such help. TopCamSites is a wonderful webcam chat site directory that allows you to find tons of great cam chat sites all in one area. Browse through the random cam section and you will find dozens of sites that will allow you to come in contact with people that can help you fix your car.

Free consultations

Random chat sites are made to bring people together. This means that you don’t need to pay a single dime in order to get consultations for your vehicle. You can chat for as long as you like and you will never be charged for their time. It’s a much better way to get instant help without having to spend a small fortune. Plus, you will most likely be able to perform most of the fixes yourself, which again will save you tons of money.


How to get people to help you

Getting people to provide you with automobile help when using random cam sites isn’t as difficult as it seems. If you have a laptop, it will be even easier. The trick is to prepare yourself in advance. Bring your laptop or webcam outside or in your garage and point it to your motor. This way, everyone that sees your webcam will know that you want to talk about your car. The people that will stop and chat with you will mostly be mechanics or people that know a lot about cars.

Once people stop and chat with you, show your face and be polite. Ask them if they can help you out and go from there. People on random cam sites are incredibly friendly, so this shouldn’t be as difficult as it sounds.

Do Cam Models Fall in Love with Users  

With so many cam sites on the internet these days, there are thousands upon thousands of cam girls that model for money. Many guys use live cam sites in order to find love. Others believe that cam girls would never date one of their viewers. It’s a big question that has been on everybody’s mind for quite some time now; do cam models date their viewers?


We decided that it was time to find an answer to that question once and for all. We investigated to find out whether or not cam girls would actually date users.

We Asked Cam Models

After asking 100 different cam girls whether or not they would actually go out on a regular date with one of their users, we came up with some pretty astonishing data. 83 out of the 100 cam girls that we asked said that they wouldn’t go out on a date with a user. That’s a massive 17% of cam girls that would actually consider dating one of their users. It’s a big number that we never expected to see.

Why They Said No

83% of the cam girls that we asked said that they would not ever consider dating one of their users. Most of them said that they wouldn’t feel safe. Safety is a huge issue with cam girls; since their users watch them for sex, they feel that they could be at a higher risk of getting raped. Another reason was that they wanted to make sure that the person they fall in love with actually gets a bit of mystery before they sleep together; by dating a user, they have already seen her naked.

Why Some Said Yes

17% of the cam girls we asked said that they would actually consider dating a user. That number is huge! The biggest reason was that many models connect on deep levels with their viewers. Most cam models have regulars that come back on a daily basis. They often perform cam to cam chats in private sessions and they really get attached to them. Although they did admit that they would have some fears for their safety, most of the girls that said yes said that it’s not any more dangerous than any other first date.

They are Human

Cam girls are human just like anyone else. They spend long hours everyday talking with people and some models have regulars that return on a daily basis. It’s only natural for them to get attached to these viewers. They have virtual sex with them, which brings them even closer. In the end, it’s only natural for cam girls to fall in love with their users. Most, if not all cam girls feel love at some point or another while putting on shows, but the percentage of them that would actually go out on a date with a user is on the low side.

Become the Director of Your Very Own Porno  

Isn’t it every guy’s dream to become the director of your very own porn flick? Although it may seem next to impossible for most, it’s actually a lot easier than it seems. With live cam shows, you can control the outcome of a live sex experience with real porn stars. Live cam sites give you the ability to experience webcam sex with amateur and professional models so you can feel like your actually creating your very own adult film.

porn director

What are live cam sites?

Live cam sites are simply amazing; they allow you to have sex on webcam with hot girls and guys. There are hundreds of these sites online and sites like TopCamSites or even TopChats allow you to find the live cam site that suits your specific desires and fantasies.

These video chat sites are filled with hot models that are just waiting to have fun with you on webcam. The great thing about them is that you can view public shows for free. All of the models basically show their webcam stream in real time, so you can interact with them. You can talk with them, ask them questions and even go on virtual dates with the models.

Share your own webcam

Live cam sites get really interesting when you choose to share your very own webcam with the models that you’re chatting with. This feature is often referred to as cam-to-cam in most live cam sites. It basically allows you to share your webcam with the model so they can see you while you view them on webcam. You can then have sex with the model on cam. It’s the next best thing after real sex and it’s actually becoming way more popular than traditional porn.

webcam sex cams

Complete control

When having sex with models on cam, you can control every aspect of the show. You can ask the model to use toys, to show parts of their body and to even moan out your name while they pleasure themselves. You’ll become the director of your very own porn movie. It’s truly amazing how much fun you can have with live sex performers online.

Record the experience

One of the very cool things about most live webcam chat sites is that you can record the entire experience. You can record the performer’s webcam and keep that recording in your archives for as long as you like. At any point in time, you can return and enjoy watching that show all over again. With most webcam shows displayed in HD quality, you’ll really feel like a big time adult film producer. The great thing about these shows is that they are personalized to the way you fantasize.

record sex

Sex with real celebrity porn stars

Another amazing thing about having sex on live cam sites is that many celebrity porn stars use these sites. Most sites even have categories that allow you to find only celebrity porn stars on cam. You can quickly start a webcam sex session with a celebrity porn star and live out one of the biggest fantasies of men all over the world.

Simple Ways to Use Webcams Better  

Video chat is huge these days; people are using webcams more and more on a daily basis. Whether you want to use webcams to chat with family members, friends or even if you need to use cam chat for your work, being able to see the other person in great detail makes it a lot better. There are a few things you can do in order to really make the most out of your video chat sessions. Getting better detail, image quality and sound quality will allow you to feel like the other person is right there in front of you. The following tips should make your webcam chat sessions amazing.

Have the webcam output on a TV

Displaying the webcam screen that you are viewing a TV will allow you to see the image in a much larger screen. Most computer screens are roughly 20” in size and most TVs are a lot larger than that. By displaying the webcam screen on a TV, you will feel like the conversation is much more realistic and you’ll be under the impression that the person that you’re talking with is right there in front of you.

tv webcam

You can often plug an HDMI cable right into your computer if it’s recent enough. Most newer TVs also have wireless image sharing or Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to display your computer’s screen on the TV.

Use an external sound system

Plugging your computer into an external sound system will allow you to get the very best sound results. If you want to feel like the person is talking right next to you rather than through a webcam, you’ll want to hookup your computer to high quality speakers. Many computer speakers do just fine, but if you want to really get a superior sound quality, try setting up your computer with a home theater system. There are also tons of new wireless Bluetooth speakers that have amazing qualities.

soundbar webcam

You may also want to consider buying yourself a wireless sound bar. Sound bars are the newest trend in home sound systems because they have amazing output powers, sound outstanding and they almost always come with tons of effects such as 3D sound. With most sound bars, you can use sound share options or even Bluetooth connections to wirelessly hookup your computer with the sound bar.

With a high quality sound output and a huge TV displaying the webcam, you’ll feel like the people that you’re chatting with are in the room with you. It’s amazing how close you can now feel to people even if they are miles away.

How a Better Webcam Will Get You More Virtual Dates  

Relationships in 2015 are more technological than ever before. Texting, Facebook messages and even webcam dates are bigger than ever before. In fact, more couples meet through video chat sites than ever before. However, some people find it difficult to land virtual dates online. More often than not, the problem lies in the webcam that you are using. A poor quality webcam will show a grainy screen and the person watching you will find it very annoying. With a superior quality webcam, you will most likely land more online dates and find love much sooner.

webcam date

What to look for in a good webcam

There are so many options available when buying a webcam these days; it can often become overwhelming. Knowing what to look for in a good webcam is crucial if you want to save money and still look amazing on cam. Here are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind when purchasing a webcam.

HD Quality

Although most webcams are capable of displaying HD qualities these days, some don’t. It’s important that you get an HD webcam in order to really get the most out of your webcam experience. HD webcams aren’t expensive and will really make a huge difference.


Auto-focus isn’t available on all webcams, but you can find tons of inexpensive webcams that have it. This feature basically ensures that you always remain in focus even while you’re moving around on cam. It makes for a much less annoying experience and your viewers will love you for it.

Frame Rate

The frame rate is really important when buying a webcam. This is basically what determines whether the webcam displays you at real speed or in sequences of images. The higher the frame rate the better. Anything above 30 FPS is good for a webcam. Anything lower than 30 FPS will look jumpy and won’t flow smoothly.


When buying a webcam, you will most likely want to aim for at least 720p or 1080p when it comes to resolutions. However, if you get an HD webcam, this is normally the standard.

Built-in Microphone

You’ll want to try and get a webcam that has a built-in microphone. This allows you to talk with the people you meet online without having to wear an annoying headset. It also allows you to have less wires coming out of your computer.

Plug in your new webcam and find love

Once you’ve received your brand new webcam, plug it in and give is a go. Your first stop should be on a random cam site; you can find tons of them at TopCamSites. Random cam sites allow you to go from one webcam to another and the people you meet get to see you too. This will allow you to see if your webcam is good and what people think of the quality. It’s the fastest way to meet new people and get an honest opinion online.

Avoid Getting Bored on a Saturday Night Thanks to Random Chat

Saturday nights don’t need to be spent going out to bars or having a meal at a restaurant; you can enjoy yourself just as much by staying home. In fact, you don’t even need to be lonely. With random chat sites, you can enjoy meeting new people from the comfort of your own home. These types of random cam sites allow you to meet interesting people by seeing them on webcam. It’s one face-to-face conversation after the next, allowing you to socialize with complete strangers by staying home.

People Do Find Love Online

With the help of video chat sites, many people have been able to find true love online. With millions of users on these sites every single month, it becomes incredibly easy to meet people that you can connect with. Tons of people have found people that they have later fell in love with. Some people even build up the courage to meet up in real life. In fact, one couple has recently gotten married after meeting on the very popular cam to cam site Chatrandom.

Finding love online is easier than you may think. When using cam chat sites, you can meet hundreds of new people every hour. This allows you to meet a lot more people than you would in normal every day situations. With the ability to meet so many people in short amounts of time, forming bonds and even relationships is easier than ever before.

Fun Times and Tons of Laughs

Random chat sites are simply used for finding love or having adult pleasures; many people use them simply for laughs. So many people enjoy pulling pranks on these types of sites. When you find someone who is pranking others on cam, you’ll most likely roll on the ground laughing. These pranks are hilarious and you can view a ton of them on sites like YouTube.

Simply chatting about random topics with complete strangers makes video chats amazing. You will certainly be able to find tons of people to laugh with by using these types of chat sites.

New Technologies

The best chat sites online are slowly integrating new technologies that truly enhance the entire experience. If you want to enjoy chatting with random strangers with more precision, you’ll adore the new features that are being added. Most cam sites now allow you to filter the users by only seeing girls on cam or only seeing boys. You can often choose to view people from specific countries only and in most cases, you can choose between a ton of different languages.

With so many great features, it’s truly easy for you to have a blast on webcam even if you have nothing to do on a Saturday night.

6 Little Tips to Increase Your Online Dating Success  

There’s no real secret to it, the online dating world is harsh. Men have to compete with bodybuilders and guys who look like Ryan Reynolds, while girls have to compete with sexy selfie taking hotties. We’ve decided to give all of you a shot in the online dating world by providing you with 6 simple, yet highly effective tips to increase your chances of finding love online.


Use only your best pictures

We all have pictures of ourselves that we absolutely love. Whether it’s the angle that the picture was taken from or even the lighting, we just seem to look so much hotter on that one picture. Well take that picture out and use it to your advantage. Sure, you may think it’s unfair to lead someone on like that, but everyone else is doing it. Using only the best pictures of yourself on online dating sites will greatly improve your chances of getting attention from the opposite sex.

Smile and look happy

Remember those days when you used to wake up feeling awesome? It doesn’t matter how down or depressed you are, if you want to find love online, you’ll need to regain that smile. People have no interest in dating depressed people, so by displaying happiness and your beautiful smile, your chances of finding love online will grow immensely.

Get yourself a webcam

Most people ignore others who don’t have webcams. The whole point of online dating is to start online and then if things go good, it can become a real life thing. If you don’t have a webcam, your chances of finding love online will be very slim. It doesn’t matter how shy you are on webcam, get over it and you will eventually meet the love of your life online.

Become an outgoing person

If you’re normally the type of person who is shy, reserved and quiet, become someone completely different; become someone who is outgoing. Take the first step and send others messages even if you don’t know them. Start chatting people up and become miss or mister popular. If you really believe in this new you, you will become that outgoing person in real life.

Be patient

So many people lose their cool when others don’t respond right away. Give others enough time to respond, even if it takes days. When you send someone a message and they don’t respond back immediately, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested. If you go berserk on them, they will only get turned off.

Beautify yourself

Wear the sexiest, tightest, most attractive clothes that you own and own them on cam. Webcam dating is mainly about fantasizing about the person you are chatting with since they aren’t right in front of you. By looking sexy, you will become the living fantasy for many more people than if you wear grey jogging pants and a t-shirt full of holes.

Why Chat Roulette With Girls Requires Age Verification  

Every now and again, when browsing through video chat sites, you will come across a section that requires you to verify your age. This step is often annoying to most people and requires some of your time before being able to proceed with viewing strangers on cam. Verifying your age was put into place for a reason and we will go over that in a bit. It’s important to know that most age verification procedures are used for adult only chat sites and they are used to prevent kids from being able to access dirty webcams.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.35.20 PM

What type of cam sites require age verifications

When it comes to proving your age, there is always a reason behind it. More often than not, the website owner’s have put that extra step into place in order to avoid having underage people going on adult cam sites. That means that most adult only cam sites require you to verify your age. More often than not, it’s the girls only and gays only sections that require you to verify your age. That’s because girl only sections are often models and amateurs who enjoy getting naked on cam and having sexual activities for the general public to see.

Keeping these sites safe is highly important to the owners of video chat sites. That’s why kids are not permitted to view such events. Although you may find this part annoying to complete, keep in mind that it’s an important step that helps keep these video chat sites safe and keep kids out. This process is just as important as having moderators keep the chat sites safe all day and night long.

How to complete the age verification process

Completing the age verification process may seem dreadful to do for some, but it’s actually quite fast. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete and you have very few details to provide in order to get started with viewing webcams. Here is how to verify your age on most video chat sites.

  1. You will need to click on the verify your age button, which varies from one chat site to another.
  2. Once you have opened up the verify your age page, you will normally be asked to choose a username, choose a password and enter your email address.
  3. You will then be sent an email containing a verification link; click on that link and your age will automatically be verified.
  4. After verifying your age, you will be able to login using the username and password that you chose earlier.
  5. You will then be able to return at any time and login without having to start this process all over again.

Top 11 Funny Webcam Chat Photos of 2014

Every now and again, hilarious things happen on webcam chat sites and when people are fast enough, they capture those instances on photo. We have set aside a list for all of you of the 11 funniest moments on video chat sites in 2014. We hope you enjoy!

That’s just a dog chatting, no biggie


This is the story of a dog and his computer. He loves to video chat because he hates being cooped up into his small bachelor apartment with nothing else to do. If you’ve ever wondered what a dog in the future would look like, here it is; a video chatting dog!

After Batman comes Catman


This dude is a cat. It may not seem funny to some, but Catman is quite the hit on video chat sites. Everyone Catman crossed paths with seemed to find him quite hilarious.

Nothing like some fresh man boobs


Just because you’re a dude doesn’t mean people don’t want to see your tits. Check out this girl who asks guys to show her their tits.

Dad, is that you?!


If you’ve ever been afraid of people seeing you on cam chat sites, this is probably your worst nightmare. Coming face to face with your own (naked) dad on webcam. Terrible moment for this girl, but so funny for the rest of us!

Dancing shemale


You know it’s time to get a life when you spend your Saturday evenings watching shemales dance around for you on webcam. This is probably one of the funniest things ever to happen on cam and it’s well worth a laugh or two!

Hello there soul mate


I don’t think words can express how awesome this moment really is. I’ll just sit back and let all of you laugh your pants off until you finally decide to scroll down to the next image.

Sing me a song you’re the piano man


What’s funnier than seeing a piano man on webcam singing you a personalize song? A piano man wearing a hoodie! This guy’s got it all figured out; he plays his tunes, he meets hot chicks and he rocks that hoodie like it’s 1999.

Mask mania


Sometimes chatting with strangers gets intimidating, so you wear a mask. That’s what happened here, when everyone on cam seemed to be sporting their favourite masks.

What the f**k are you?!


I feel so sorry for this dude; you can’t really tell what the person he is talking with really is. All right, so the creepy dude is pretty weird himself, but come on girl; stay still so we can see that booty!

Still looking for Nemo


If you ever run into Nemo’s dad, would you help him find his son? This guy just felt it would be worth laughing at, but I seriously feel bad for that poor clown fish.

Power Rangers use cam sites too


There’s nothing funnier than meeting a Power Ranger on webcam. This Power Ranger needs to focus more on fighting crime and less on meeting new strangers online.


Why Video Chat Sites Explode During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to video chat sites. Many people wonder why that is. There are actually very many reasons why so many people choose to chat with random strangers on webcam during the holidays. Connections are formed more often during the holidays than during any other period of the year. We as humans have a natural need to come together during the holiday season. It’s set deep within us; we know that the rest of the planet is together and we too need to meet as many people as possible during this time of the year.


Christmas Time and Coming Together

When Christmas is right around the corner, most families come together. This happens all over the world and regardless of the religion; people come together in the month of December. It’s something that we have been doing for centuries, so it has become part of our human nature. It has become a yearly tradition that is built into our systems. We get that special feeling during the holidays that makes us feel so happy to see our friends and family members. Coming together with strangers and being friendly with people that we don’t know is also part of the holidays.

Coming together with strangers is just as big as coming together with family members. The holidays are great for meeting new people, finding your one and only true love and even making new friends. Video chat sites aren’t the only place where people come together, but they do notice a massive increase in traffic during this time.

More People, More Connections

With so many people online during the holidays, it becomes much easier for you to meet strangers on the Internet. It doesn’t matter what you’re intentions are or what type of person you are looking for; with millions of daily cam site users, you will easily be able to find what you’re looking for.

On average, video chat sites double in traffic during the holiday season. With most top rated video chat sites hanging around the range of 40,000 users online at any given moment, that brings the numbers up to roughly 80,000 users online at all times. That’s an impressive increase that allows you to meet tons of new people with ease.

In shorter amounts of time, you will be able to meet tons of people. It also provides you with a lot more choice. With more people online, there are great varieties of people. This makes it easier for you to pinpoint the exact type of person that you’re looking for. You will be able to meet the love of your life of bond with like-minded people a lot more easily during the holidays.