How to Make Friends online without it being about Sex

The internet provides loads of platforms where people can make friends online. From social networks to video chat sites to forums, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people online who share your interests and could potentially become your new best friend. However, there are also a lot of people who use these sites looking for more than friendship. They might be looking to hook-up with someone and constantly try to bring up sex. If you are only interested in making friends with the people you meet online and don’t want it to be about sex then try using the following conversation topics when chatting to new people. If the person is constantly steering the conversation towards sex then it might be best to move on.



Music is a great topic to chat about when meeting someone new. Everyone has a favorite genre of music and favorite artist and chatting about music can quickly establish any common ground you may have with the person. Try asking about the last concert they went to or the last album they downloaded. Doing this should open up a whole avenue of conversation without it steering towards sex.



Chatting about sports can be a great way to make friends online, especially if you both like the same team or follow the same sport. Try asking the person what sports they like to play or watch and if they go to any games. If you both have a common sporting interest it can easily form the foundation for a friendship without any hint of chat about sex.


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We all eat food, therefore it is certain that food is a topic you will have in common with the person you’re chatting to. Ask them what their favorite meal is or what country their favorite food comes from. You could even chat about what you had for dinner last night and share recipes and tips for cooking. Of course, for some people food can be quite sensual so try and keep the conversation about establishing common food interests and in no time you’ll be chatting like best friends.

Video Games

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Video games can be an excellent topic to chat about with the right person. If you are really into video games, try bringing up the latest video game as a topic of conversation. Obviously, not everyone is going to be into video games but if you find someone who shares your enthusiasm for video games then you’re on to a winner. You can exchange usernames and play games with the person online without ever having to talk about sex.

Any Other Topic Which Isn’t Too Personal

The trick to making friends online without talking about sex is to keep the topic of conversation away from anything too personal. For instance, chatting about a TV show from last night is perfectly fine, however, if you start talking about your last relationship or how long you’ve been single the chances are the conversation will lead to sex. Make a mental note of your hobbies and interests which don’t involve anything sexual and use them to make conversation when meeting new people online.

Best Time of Day to Use Chat Sites

Knowing the best time of day to use a chat site is an important question. Chat sites, like all sites, tend to enjoy peak times throughout the day when there are more users online at a certain time. The time of day you head over to a chat site can also determine whether you’re more likely to meet people who are local to you or people from the other side of the world. Navigating to a chat site at peak times can mean there is more users to chat to and there is more diversity in the nationality of the users.


In order to maximize your chances of meeting more people, you need to decide two things. Firstly you need to know when the best time of day to chat is and secondly you need to know what time of day is best to meet people from other countries. Below we have broken both topics down to help you enjoy the best possible chatting experience.

Morning, Afternoon, or Night?

Generally chat sites experience three surges of users every day. The first surge is early in the morning, before many people leave their house for work or school. Many people like to head over to chat rooms when starting the day, getting it off to a fun start. It is also quite populated at this time with people who may have been unable to sleep or suffer insomnia and decided to pop onto a chat site.

There is usually a slight lull in the number of users after 9am, mainly due to people having to attend school or work. The next surge occurs around lunch time, when many people will log on to a chat site during their lunch break to have a quick chat. However, the best time of day to find users online is from 7pm until midnight. This is when people have come home after a hard day and use the chat sites to unwind and relax. If you log on at this time you will see loads of other users and have no shortage of people to chat with.

Know Your Time Zones

Of course, knowing the best time of day to log on will only help you meet users who share your time zone. If you want to meet people from other countries you need to know what time zone they’re in and what their peak times are. Most countries operate with similar working and school hours and will have the peak number of users online between 7pm and midnight.

So, if you wanted to meet someone from Europe, the best way to go about it is to log on to a chat site between 7pm and midnight on GMT. There isn’t a huge difference in the time zones of Europe so you will find people online from the United Kingdom to Turkey at this time. If you wanted to meet people from Asia or Australia, use UTC +7 to calculate the time. By doing this you are likelier to meet people from China, Indonesia, and Australia.

The majority of users on chat sites come from the United States, so following North American time zones will result in meeting the largest number of people. However, if you are more interested in diversity than quantity, follow the times zones as advised above.


Gaining Access to a Girl’s Pants Starts with Accessing Her Heart

Picture the scene – you see a girl you like, you give her a seductive look, and before you know it she’s naked in your room. Unfortunately, this isn’t real life as the movies would have us believe and gaining access to a girl’s pants takes a little bit of time and effort first. The true secret to getting a girl into your bedroom is to win her heart. If you take the time to win her trust then access to her pants is only a matter of time.


So, imagine you meet a hot girl and the only thing you can think of is how good those pants she’s wearing would look on your bedroom floor. You can’t simply approach her and tell her you want to get into her pants. You need to talk to her and win her over first. The best way to do this is to begin with a charming and/or original chat-up line. Avoid clichés and try to think of something that will catch her attention. Use humor and compliments to create the perfect line for her. If she reacts with a giggle or a ‘thank you’ seize the opportunity to make conversation.

The best way to go about it is to engage her in conversation about things she is interested in. Ask her about her interests and hobbies and if you don’t share them, pretend you’re interested. While chatting remember to maintain eye contact and keep your body language open and engaged. Laugh if she makes a joke, ask questions regarding the topic, and keep the conversation flowing. The longer she talks to you, the higher chance you have of accessing her heart and ultimately her pants.


The next move is the most important as it will ensure you don’t get put in the ‘friend zone’, which can be easily done if you don’t make you intentions clear. As the conversation is flowing and you can see she is relaxed, begin to flirt a little bit. At first use subtle flirting techniques such as gently touching her arm or giving her a cute nickname when asking a question. Watch her response as you do this and gauge how she is receiving the flirting. If she’s responding by flirting back, you are on the way to winning her heart. If she isn’t responding well, adjust your flirting technique as you may be too forward or obvious.

At this stage she should be fixated on the conversation with you and is becoming emotionally involved, opening her heart to you. You can use more obvious flirting and compliments now to make a strong move for her heart. Tell her she looks beautiful or she has the most amazing eyes you have ever seen. These sort of compliments should seal the deal and ensure you are the only one she has eyes for. You can now make your move by slowly leaning in for a kiss which will ultimately lead to accessing her pants freely and easily.

Brazilians Learn English via Webcam

The wide availability of webcams has provided a new way to bring people together. It is now a breeze to video chat with your friends and gossip about the latest news or catch up with a family member on the other side of the world. Webcams are also becoming a means to provide services and education.

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An innovative and inspiring idea has brought together two groups of unlikely people in a combined mission to educate via video chat. In a retirement home located in Chicago there are residents who feel bored and lonely. In Brazil, a group of students eager to improve their English language skills in a meaningful and fun way. Bring them both together and you have created a simple and brilliant idea.

The project has been dubbed ‘Speaking Exchange’ and uses the power of webcams to link the elderly of Chicago with the youth of Brazil. The project enables Brazilian students to learn and improve their spoken English by connecting them with elderly Americans, providing valuable education to the Brazilians and meaningful company to the Americans. The situation benefits everyone involved and displays the incredible power webcams have to connect us with people around the world.


The Speaking Exchange project has been recently developed by CAN language schools, which cater for over half a million students, as an alternative way for students to improve their English language skills. Learning a new language is tough and sitting in a classroom taking notes and studying language from a book can be a tiring process. It is commonly known that the best way to improve language skills is by communicating with a native language speaker and this project facilities that with great success.

The concept of the project is simple, Brazilian students and elderly Americans both log on to a secure digital tool which has video chat capabilities and have a conversation in English. The videos of the conversations are then uploaded to a private YouTube account which is accessed by the teachers who can evaluate the progress of each student. This method of learning is so simple yet so effective with both sets of participants thoroughly enjoying the experience.


Using video chat with a stranger to learn a new language can be daunting, however, it offers students the chance to improve social skills as well as language skills. The early stages of the project has produced some touching moments between the unlikely friends with many of the participants forming a strong bond with their counterparts. Many students have promised to keep in touch with their elderly tutors, delighting their retired friend with the promise of continued company.

The project has proved a huge success and is quickly catching on with applications open for Brazilian students and elderly Americans alike. It has also provided a platform from which other ideas can be created, offering the ability to not only meet but to learn from someone you otherwise may not even knew existed. This project has displayed the true power an internet connection and webcam can have on people’s lives.

Webcam Chat with Your Pets When You’re Away From Home

We all love our pets, in fact many of us consider our pet as a direct member of the family or an extra child. There’s nothing better than getting home from a long day at work and having your cat there to greet you or going for a run in the park with your dog. Pets are essential to us, they provide friendship, happiness, and enhance our daily lives. This is what makes it so difficult to leave your pet behind when you go on holiday. We all need to get away for a couple of weeks every now and again and leaving your pet in the hands of someone else or in a kennel can cause constant worry.

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Now there’s a new product on the market called ‘PetChatz’, which allows owners to see their pets on a webcam while they are not at home. This imaginative product has found a niche in the market and by using a webcam coupled with a microphone, speakers and motion detectors allows people to interact with their pets as if they were right there beside them. It can certainly ease the nagging worry when away on holiday that your pet is doing fine.


The system has been designed to provide a high quality video picture which can be mounted on a wall, out of reach of the pet. While catching up with your best friend you can use options on the system to dispense treats and scents which the pet will receive on the other end. No need to worry about running out of treats as the system alerts you when it is running low and needs to be topped up. The system offers a host of possibilities for people who can’t be without their pets for a second.


By creating a system which releases scents and snacks, PetChatz has offered a viable solution to ensuring the pet is attracted to the webcam and doesn’t wander off mid-way through a video session. It seems they have thought of everything when developing this software with a ringtone installed to alert the pet you are establishing a connection. The scent pad can be used to provide anything from aromatherapy scents to your own scent. It is blown out from the webcam with a fan to alert your pet a fun experience is taking place.


This creative design is yet to be released but is due to be on the market in the summer. It is sure to attract a lot of attention from pet owners who hate leaving their pets, even if it is just to go to work. With the use of webcams becoming more innovative all the time, it is no surprise that a step has been taken to use this fantastic technology to bring our beloved pets closer to us. The uses for a product like PetChatz can stretch beyond housebound pets with the ability to place them in stables or pens on a farm also a possibility.

We all love using our webcams to chat to family and friends on video, so why not our pets too?

Cat on Webcam Goes Viral

Since the dawn of the internet, people have loved sharing pictures and videos of cats. There just seems to be something about these little felines that sends our cute emotions into overdrive. Type ‘cats’ into Google or YouTube and literally millions of different pieces of media will pop up, everything from cats chasing some string to cats pulling funny faces to simply cats sleeping. People can’t get enough of cats and never seem to tire of watching them.

cat viral

Now there’s something else to keep cat lovers entertained at all hours of the day. An idea formulated by 43 year old John Bartlett has taken the internet by storm and gone viral within a matter of days. John works part time in a cat shelter, trying to find good homes for the kittens that are kept there. For the past few years he has fostered kittens in his own home until they were old enough to be put up for adoption. He kept the kittens in a spare bedroom, nurturing them for the first few months of their lives.

The kittens would need constant attention and John came up with the idea of setting up a webcam in the spare room where they were kept so he could always have an eye on them. Then, a eureka moment hit him, which would lead to an internet phenomenon. He decided to share his webcam broadcast with the world on YouTube, initially with only a handful of people watching. However, recent media attention from People magazine and Grant Imahara from MythBusters has made ‘Kitten Cam’ a worldwide hit.

kitten webcam

The live stream of kittens playing, eating, and mainly sleeping is now viewed by over 40,000 people worldwide including viewers from the UK, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and Finland. People found watching the kittens live their lives on a webcam broadcast would help them de-stress after a tough day and provide the perfect place to turn to if they were feeling depressed or sad. This led to the formation of a Facebook page and a community of Kitten Cam lovers began to develop.

People would share thoughts and stories online with other viewers while watching the broadcast and now it has led to the world’s first ever Kitten Cam Con, taking place in Seattle. This convention is a celebration of all things feline and has come about from a simple idea of broadcasting a live webcam feed of kittens. It really demonstrates the incredible power of an internet connection and a webcam.

cat on cam

Cats are now the most popular domestic pets in the world, overtaking the previous frontrunners – dogs. Our love affair with cats was brought to the fore when the internet provided an opportunity for people to sit and admire media featuring these pets from the comfort of their own home. Maybe it’s the whiskers, maybe it’s the purring, maybe it’s the playfulness, but there is definitely something about cats, and especially kittens, which send a strong signal to our brains and just makes us want to say ‘ahhhhhhhhhhh’.

New Amazing Adult Cam Sites that are Still “Underground”

Every so often, new adult cam sites pop up on the internet and seem to be so amazing that they should become the industry’s leaders. Unfortunately, many new adult cam sites are kept underground and don’t ever make it to the high ranks. Knowing how to find these amazing, yet unknown adult cam sites isn’t always easy, which is why we want to make the search easier. Here is a list of the best underground adult cam sites that you can browse through and try out for your pleasure. These sites are free to use and will most likely bring you hours of enjoyment.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 6.38.32 PM

With numerous features available, you’ll be able to spend hours on this adult cam site without ever getting bored. Whether you want to see live performers on cam, have a basic text chat or even if you want to join in on group video chats, this site seems to have it all. It’s a shame that this awesome adult cam site isn’t as popular as it should be because it has tons of perks and positive points. If you’ve been looking for a great adult cam site, you will definitely want to give this one a try.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 6.38.58 PM

If you’re looking for an adult cam site that has tons of amateurs online, you’ll fall in love with aFreeChat. This site is relatively new, so not many professional performers take up the chat rooms. You’ll get to enjoy your stay on this site while chatting with beautiful girls and great looking guys. Since this adult cam site is well-known yet, there are tons of opportunities to be alone with cam models in their chat rooms without having to go into private chats. With several features to choose from, you’ll be able to spend many hours on this site without getting bored.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 6.38.38 PM

If you want an adult cam site that brings you different way to view cam girls, you’ll adore using ImLive. This cam site has a unique way of displaying the available girls. You’ll get to browse through large descriptions for each model that give you brief details of the girl you’re looking at, a huge photo of her, a star rating and much more. Choosing the girl that you want to chat with on ImLive is more fun than on any other cam site. It’s hard to believe that this adult cam site is still underground, but like the other 2, this site is sure to someday become a leader in this competitive industry.

The Top 3 Girl Only Cam Sites in 2014

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cam sites online these days and each site has its own unique qualities and models. It is easy to find an adult site with huge archives of videos, even videos which are recordings of cam girls, but they don’t offer the live interaction cam sites provide. Cam sites are so popular because they not only provide live interaction with the models but so much more.

Discovering the perfect cam site for you can be difficult. Many cam sites have different niches such as Asians, teens, bbw etc. However, today I’m giving a rundown of the three best girl only cam sites in 2014. On these sites you will find only girls, no guys or transsexuals.


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.26.45 AM

My Free Cams is an established name in the cam site industry and has established a huge customer base through a wide variety of models, simple design and free signup. The models are obviously the most important aspect of any cam site and MyFreeCams comes up trumps in that department.

There are hundreds of girls online at any one time with a huge diversity ranging from American Caucasian girls to MILFs, Ebony girls, Latinas, lesbians, pregnant girls and everything in between. Beyond the usual private chat features, the majority of girls will perform public shows, especially if their room is full of chatty users who are sending tips.

The site is jam-packed with features such as searching models by specific criteria, profile pages for each model and the ability to leave messages on the models’ wall. It is also a dedicated cam site which doesn’t host videos, this means the focus is entirely on the live cams. With a constant stream of new girls My Free Cams is still leading the industry for live cam chat.


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.27.29 AM

Naked’s tagline is the ‘World’s Best Cam Site’ and with a fantastic cam experience and large number of models online at any given time it certainly has a point. The variety of girls on Naked is astonishing and they come in a whole host of races, ages and body types. You can view all models at once, select a category or just view the newest models on the site by using the links at the top of the page.

The range of categories is extensive and includes; Latin, Asian, 18-22, big tits, small tits, Ebony, MILF, bbw, foot show and many more. Once taken into a private show, the girls on this cam site don’t waste any time. There are even shows consisting of three girls for the same price as solo shows.

The features are great too. An automatic text translator offers chat translations if the model doesn’t speak English and a time counter lets you know how much time and money you have left. All in all this an excellent girl only cam site with the competition between girls competing for your time making the shows even more exciting.


Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.27.42 AM

FlatFeeCams is gaining in popularity due to the way they charge customers. Instead of paying by the minute, like most cam sites, FlatFeeCams offers unlimited access to live cams for a monthly fee. The site has a variety of ‘channels’ where girls perform and offers a good range to choose from.

You will find bbw, busty girls, lesbians, college girls and European girls on the site with a large percentage of HD cams. The channels provide a good idea of what to expect on each cam with titles such as ‘Show Girl 1’, ‘Lesbo Cam HD’ and ‘Prague Girls 1’. Although there are fewer models on this site, the price of the monthly fee is equivalent to only 10-15 minutes on most other cam sites.

The models regularly change on the site making regular interaction with the same model difficult. However, if you are on a budget and don’t mind rotating models then Flat Fee Cams is certainly a bargain.

4 Best Laptops in 2014

Choosing a laptop is one of the big decisions you have to make. It isn’t always easy knowing which laptop is worth buying because there are so many factors that come into play. However, when you know simple things like whether or not you need a laptop for playing games, watching movies or simply for writing documents, the decision becomes much easier to make. Lets take a look at the 4 best laptops in 2014 so that your decision of buying laptop doesn’t have to be difficult.

Apple MacBook Air


Are you looking for portability, extra-long battery life and the ability to work on the go with ease? If so, you’ll definitely fall in love with the Apple MacBook Air that weighs in at only 3 pounds (13 inch model) and has a battery life of over 12 hours with a single charge. This laptop is expensive at roughly $1,000, but it has great power and performances for anyone looking for a portable way to work on the go. If you’re comfortable working with Apple, you’ll love this thin laptop.

Samsung Ativ Book 9


Slightly more expensive than the MacBook Air is the Samsung Ativ Book 9 that is available for roughly $1,400. This laptop definitely brings performance to the screen with impressive components. A 3,200 x 1,300 resolution, up to 10 hours of battery life and 8GB of ram makes this a real beast. Equipped with the new Windows 8 operating system and a built-in touch screen, this laptop is great for working, enjoying movies and even for watching babes on cam.

Asus G750JX


Are you a gamer? If you enjoy gaming, you’ll probably want to invest in a gamer’s laptop so that you can bring your games with you everywhere. The Asus G750JX is one of the best options available to you. However, it comes with a hefty price tag of roughly $1,700. A Blu-Ray optical drive, a GeForce GTX 770M 3GB graphics card and a 17-inch screen make this a true joy to play games on. However, this laptop does weigh a little more when compared to laptops like the MacBook Air. If you can bare the price, you’ll love using this laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon


If you’re all about business, you’ll want to buy a laptop that can handle it all. You’ll want your laptop to be lightweight, capable of charging up quickly and being able to open software tools with speed. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is exactly what you’re looking for. If you can afford paying roughly $1,400 for a laptop, this should become your first stop. With a 14-inch screen, a 1,600 x 900 resolution, a backlit and spill-proof keyboard as well as a 3G support, you’ll have everything you need for your business. To top things off, this computer can charge of 70% in less than 30 minutes, making it the best laptop for people who need to get to work without a plug.

Are There Any Video Chat Sites for Transsexuals?

Many people have been contacting us with the question of whether or not there are any cam sites available for transsexuals. This is a biggie because the niche is precise, yet most people on cam sites are either into men or women. Transsexuals can nonetheless get off on cam and even if you’re not a transsexual, you can enjoy watching some hot transsexuals do their thing online. We’ve gone hunting for the best live cam sites for transsexuals on the internet and we found two that were worthy of mentioning.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.22.08 PM

Although Chaturbate brings you various features such as live girls and gay cams, there is also a nice selection of transsexuals on cam. Upon clicking on the transsexual tab at the top of the screen, you’ll instantly be brought to a page where you can browse through numerous transsexuals on cam in real time. You’ll see snapshots of each cam in order to make the decision a lot easier and the features once you’ve chosen a cam are impressive.

After choosing a webcam, you’ll be presented with tons of features such as being able to view that model’s bio and interesting details about that transsexual. You will be able to see that person on cam in real time and you can choose to text chat if that person if you wish. If you want to have a more interesting experience with a model, you can tip them and get special treatments such as having them moan your name as they climax. All in all, Chaturbate is an amazing place for people who are looking for transsexuals on cam.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 6.21.44 PM

ShemaleRoulette is the other cam site for viewing transsexuals online that is worthy of being mentioned. This cam site seems to have all of the necessities in order to have an amazing time without being cluttered with ads. Upon opening up the website, you’re asked to pick a nickname and you also get to choose which room you want to enter.

ShemaleRoulette has a unique function that is really addictive; you get to watch up to 4 webcam simultaneously. This makes it really easy for you to enjoy watching different people on cam without having to constantly have different windows open. If you’re looking for amateur transsexuals, you’ll love this site because it’s not geared towards performers like Chaturbate. Nonetheless, you can still purchase tokens and tip or reward the other users that you enjoy watching on cam.

Overall, ShemaleRoulette is a great site that you’ll love using and you will most likely find yourself spending several hours at a time on this site.