Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning Working Together Again!

We all remember Napster, the free file-sharing service created by two teenagers which revolutionized the internet, the music industry and can even be considered as a precursor to iTunes. Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning got back together again a few years ago to launch a flashy random cam site named Airtime. This was meant to be the big one, a great comeback onto the tech scene for two of the best-known entrepreneurs of our generation.

Parker and Fanning poured millions of dollars into Airtime, launching the business with an incredible amount of press and fanfare. The guests at the launch were a who’s who of celebrities and top investors. It was dubbed the ‘next big thing’ and our social world was about to change. The site went live to cheers from the worlds rich and famous, but, within a month it was gone. The company failed to live up to its hype and quickly became a punchline. Parker and Fanning had failed to deliver as they did when they were teenagers.


Airtime was flop for many reasons, the site was very buggy, the use of desktop instead of mobile, the difficult navigation and as a video chat site it simply didn’t live up to expectation. However, the flop of Airtime wasn’t the end of Parker and Fanning working together as a team. In fact, they have been quietly tweaking the program behind the scenes and re-launched it as OkHello, a mobile video chat app.

OkHello was launched in the exact opposite manner to Airtime. There was no fanfare, no celebrities, and no claims of it being the next big thing, there wasn’t even a press release. It was simply released in the app store and on the android market and allowed to display its abilities when downloaded. This approach seems to have worked for Parker and Fanning as OkHello has consistently been in the top 100 social media apps since its release, peaking in the top 10 on several occasions.


The app is instantly attractive, with a pleasant layout and smooth interface. Video chat is a huge market and this app makes group video, sharing photos, using text messaging, and audio chatting simple and fun. It seems Parker and Fanning have really hit the nail on the head with this app and with Facebook’s recent acquisition of WhatsApp, a simple and well-functioning mobile video chat service truly has the ability to be the next big thing.

The failure of Airtime has taught Parker and Fanning some valuable lessons in the rebrand and re-launch. The outlandish claims and bravado which surrounded the launch of Airtime allowed people to relish in its failure, however, the more subtle and stealthy release of OkHello has taken everyone by surprise. It has given the duo leeway with this project and allowed them to concentrate on creating an excellent product rather than excellent press.

It is great to see Parker and Fanning working together again as the success of OkHello could lead to the duo continuing to innovate and create new ideas and technology everyone can enjoy.


The 3 Best Gay Chat Sites You’ll ever Use Online

Hunting down the right gay chat site can be a difficult task. There are loads of sites out there which cater to gay men, and all claim to be the best for an ultimate gay experience. Searching through all these sites can be hugely time consuming when you could be chatting instead. A great gay chat site should be safe, friendly, and enjoyable with loads of other gay users online. So, instead of having to navigate to every single gay chat site and wasting valuable chatting time, here are the 3 best gay chat sites you’ll ever use online:


SocialBoys is one of the best gay cam and gay chat sites out there. The site is extremely user-friendly with easy navigation and a huge range of guys online at all times. The guys who are online are split into categories such as; Asian, Athletic, Big Cock, Black, College, Daddy, Guy Next Door, Straight, Uncut, and many more to make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The site is secure and reliable allowing chat via your webcam in comfort once you have found a guy you like the look of. There is no shortage of users either with excess of 50 guys online at all times from each category, providing one of the widest selections of gay men online. Best of all, using the site is completely free with only sign-up required.


ManD8 is an all-in-one gay chat experience with a host of features including; gay chat, gay dating, and watching videos other users have posted online. Signing up to the site is free and once you have set up an account, the opportunities to meet other gay men are limitless. The gay community on this site are very active and you will always find plenty of other users online to text chat, video chat, and SMS chat with. One of the many great features on MAnD8 is the ability to browse profiles and see who’s available to ‘take calls’, meaning you know who is available to chat at any given time. The sheer number of features and ways of chatting on this site make it extremely popular and it doesn’t even cost a dime.


Gaypage is one of the most popular gay chat sites online, with thousands of users online at any given time waiting to chat. Gaypage is built around the idea of meeting random guys and the chat roulette feature is by far the most popular, with a huge variety of guy from around the world using their webcam to find other guys. However, if chat roulette isn’t your thing, Gaypage offers chat rooms, webcam chat, sex cams, text chat, and live boys on cam. All these features allow users to chat with other gay men in an environment they feel comfortable in. The site is the most straight-forward and simple to use on this list and is also completely free to use. If you’re looking to make new friends, need someone to chat to, or are seeking a hot experience then Gaypage is certainly the place to go.


 Random Cam Sites are Slowly Becoming as Big as Facebook

Social media sites have dominated the internet for the past few years and the one that kicked it all off is Facebook. It is extremely rare to meet someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account. Let’s face it, Facebook provides a great way to keep in touch with friends who live far away, to share the latest news stories and funny pictures, and to play games. Facebook is the most visited website on the internet, with people all over the world using it on a daily basis. However, the growth of Facebook has slowed recently, with many people becoming bored of the social media network and seeking new and more exciting ways to connect with people.

téléchargement (1)

One of the platforms that people have turned to in their hundreds of thousands is random cam sites. Random cam sites first appeared a few years ago and since then have been one of the fastest growing forms of communication. Many laptop manufacturers recognized this growth by designing laptops with built in webcams, making it the norm for any laptop to have webcam functionality. There are now random cam sites such as Chatrandom, which pull in close to the same number of users per day as Facebook. But, why have random cam sites grown so quickly?

The reason for this is the simplicity of use coupled with the excitement felt by random cam site users. Facebook is a great site for chatting with your friends and people you already know. However, random cam sites can connect you quickly and easily to thousands of people from around the world in an instant. Facebook is generally a text based service, whereas random cam sites let you see and interact with the person you’re chatting to. The main attraction of random cam sites is that it lets users step into the unknown, meet people they’ve never met before, and see them face to face when chatting. In this aspect, Facebook is quite restrictive and is commonly used to only interact with close friends.


This exciting new way of meeting people has captured the imagination of social internet users who enjoy making friends online. The ability to connect with tons of new people using only a computer, webcam, and internet connection is exciting. As the random cam industry continues to grow, more and more people are logging on to find friendship, love, and just meet someone new. This is leading to a huge number of users online at any time, providing a huge selection of people to chat with which in turn is attracting more people to log on. For instance, the most popular random cam site Chatrandom, attracts a quarter of a million daily users. When you log on to this site, you will never meet the same person twice!

As Facebook’s growth slows down, the growth of random cam sites keeps accelerating at a rapid pace. This doesn’t mean that random cam sites will replace Facebook, but rather compliment it and act as a different way of connecting with people. If the growth of random cam sites continues at the rate they currently are, it will become common to log on to a random chat site during your lunch hour as well as Facebook.


How to Avoid Seeing Naked Boys on Cam

When you log on to a random cam site or a video chat room, it is likely you’ll have to navigate a minefield of naked boys before you find someone who you actually want to talk to. Guys tend to use their webcam as a means of escape and instead of trying to meet someone first, chatting with them, and then getting naked, they go on cam naked right away. Of course this can be a problem for many reasons. You may not want your child going on a website where every second person is a naked guy, or you may just not want to see any naked boys.

Finding a way to avoid seeing naked boys on cam is quite difficult as wherever there is an opportunity, guys like to show off. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to avoid seeing naked guys on cam, but, you should be aware that whatever platform you use to chat with a webcam, there is likely to be naked guys using it too. However, here are a few ways you can try and avoid seeing naked guys on webcam:

Use a G-Rated Site

There are a handful of cam sites which claim to be fully moderated, eliminating nudity from all the streams. However, the majority of moderated sites only have a couple of people doing the moderating and many naked boys slip through the net. One site which actually fully enforces it’s no nudity policy and proudly advertises itself as G-Rated is Chatrad. On Chatrad you are extremely unlikely to come across any nudity whatsoever, allowing you to relax when meeting new people. It’s a great place to go if you are sick of seeing naked boys all the time.

Hover Over the ‘Next’ Button

The great thing about random cam sites is that you can click next and the person on your screen is gone, making way for the next person. If you’re using a random cam site and want to avoid naked boys, hover your mouse over the next button. Be ready to click quickly if the image of a naked boy pops up. Although you will have to glance at the nude guy, being prepared to click next immediately will at least make it easier to move on quickly.

Keep the Conversation Clean

Let’s face it, boys can’t wait to get naked on cam. So, to avoid any type of misunderstanding or to avoid provoking the guy to thinking you want to see him naked, keep the conversation clean. Chat about your interests, hobbies, and the latest news. If he tries to steer the conversation towards anything sexual, change the topic straight away. If he persists you can always click next and get rid of him before he gets naked.

Report Them

This option is more for future avoidance as you’ll have to see the boy being naked to report them in the first place. Most cam sites have a report feature for inappropriate behavior. If you report a naked boy every time you see one, they will get banned from using that site again. Although it won’t help in avoiding naked boys straight away, at least you’ll know the boy you’ve reported won’t be using the site again.

How Communication is Very Different in 2014

The way we communicate with each other is constantly evolving. From the dark ages when we drew pictures to communicate, to the invention of ink and paper, to the telephone, and the internet, communication has always been moving forward. The internet has made communication with people from around the globe so easy. Imagine, only 30 years ago if you wanted to communicate with someone on the other side of the world you would have had to write a letter, post it, and await a response. This could’ve taken months, but since the evolution of the internet chatting with someone the other side of the world has become instantaneous.


Even since the internet’s inception into almost every household in the late 80’s and early 90’s, communication has advanced at a rapid rate. E-mail was the first instant form of communication the internet brought us, allowing people to send messages to anywhere in the world at the click of a button. Then chat rooms came along, making it possible to text chat in real time. Social media then transformed communication with the ability to share, connect, and chat all in one place. Most recently though, video chat has revolutionized the way we communicate.

Video chat has revolutionized the way we all communicate. The world has become a smaller place and it is now common for members of the same family to live and work in different parts of the world. Video chat allows families to stay connected no matter where they are. Many see it as much more convenient than text chatting and applications such as Skype provide a free service. This means that no matter where you are in the world, it’s cheaper and most likely easier to go online and video chat than it is to phone someone.

Video chat has also become highly portable. The majority of laptops now come with an in-built webcam, all smartphones have video capability, and webcams are dropping in price. People now have the ability to video chat from the office, at home, when out and about, the options are endless. Apps are constantly being developed to make video chat run smoother on smartphones and the connection and speed apps run at are improving all the time. It’s now possible to be walking down the street in Thailand while chatting to your friend who’s out shopping in New York.

A lot of businesses are embracing video chat too, using their webcams to conduct interviews and business. It is now commonplace to have an interview via webcam or hold a video conference meeting. Another rising method of communication is random cam sites. These sites randomly connect people with others from around the world and are seen as the future of social interaction. These advances in the ways we communicate have allowed us to stay in touch with friends, apply for jobs, and meet new people from all corners of the globe and it isn’t going to stop there. New ways to communicate will constantly be developed and it probably won’t be long until we can stand in a virtual world with one another while conversing.

Do Cam Girls Have a Full Time Job?

Searching for a new job is difficult. First there’s the endless browsing through job vacancies online, in the newspapers, in shop windows etc. then there’s the time consuming process of designing and populating your resume and, if you’re lucky enough to get an interview there’s a half an hour chat about why you’re suitable to work for a certain company. Over recent years the internet has provided a way to make money by working your own hours and from the comfort of your own home. One of the most popular jobs that can be done from home is that of a cam girl.


If you were searching for a job online and decided to take a break and type ‘porn’ or ‘sex show’ into google, you’re search results will be inundated with websites advertising cam girls. There are literally hundreds of them offering viewers the chance to watch a girl on their webcam live on their computers. You can watch a public room, have a private show, talk to the models, ask the girls questions about themselves, and you can even request them to act out a personal fantasy. The huge surge in cam girl sites is due to the interactive experience user gain when navigating to a model’s chat room.

But, what about the girls on the other side of the webcam? The thousands of girls who are performing online for money. Do they do this full time? Do they make god money? The truth behind it is that practically all cam girls start out performing part time. The majority of them have a full time job in the real world, but they aren’t happy in their job or don’t get paid enough. This is the reason they turn to working as a cam girl. When cam girls start out they are usually looking for some extra pocket money, but, the riches that can be found through this profession leads to many girls going full time and working anything up to 60 hours per week online.

It is very difficult for a model to begin working full time as a cam girl as it takes some time to build up a client database and learn the tricks of the trade. A new cam girl will still earn excellent money, but, it’s after they put some time in and learn the ropes that the money they earn skyrockets. A full time cam girl will have marketed herself expertly online, invested in a HD webcam, and create a room in her abode just for performing. She will have a regular client database which can guarantee income even on slow days and have knowledge of the best times to go online.

A cam girl who works full time treats her job as a business and takes it very seriously. The beauty of becoming a cam girl is that anyone who has a strong work ethic and dedication can be successful regardless of looks, race, or size. Working as a cam girl full time is just like working any other job full time except you can dictate the hours you work, work from the comfort of home, and have lots of fun while doing it!

Social Media Networks VS Video Chat Sites

The way we communicate online is constantly evolving and that evolution has led to two major ways of connecting with people. On one hand we have social media networks, which have dominated how we communicate with others for the last few years. On the other hand we have video chat sites, which have steadily risen over the last couple of years to transform how we connect with other when online. These two forms of connecting with people are both immensely popular with each one having its own benefits and drawbacks. Here we take a look at each form of communication and see which is the best.

Social Media Networks

The rise of social media began around ten years ago with the rise of Facebook. Before we knew it, there were countless other social media networks available such as Twitter and Instagram. Social media provides a solution to a basic need – the need to communicate with others. The reason for the rise in social media networks is the ease in which you can broadcast a message or thought for your network of friends to then read, comment or like.

However, social media networks remain quite rigid in their structure and although they are trying to keep up with the needs of people, they aren’t as innovative as they once were. Think about it, in order to use a social networking site you must set up a profile, spend time finding and requesting friends and people you know, and then keep everything up to date by constantly uploading new statuses and posts. You are generally limited to communicating with people you know in real life through the need to send a friend request. Although social media networks are ideal for communicating with friends over a long period of time they lack the need we feel to have the ability to connect with people instantly.

Video Chat Sites

Video chat sites came on the scene with a bang when chatroulette launched a few years ago. Since then, the original site has lost its cult status, however, many more sites offering similar services have popped up and proved to be immensely popular. These sites have offered a service which caters to people’s shorter attention spans and the need people have to get connected instantly. The majority of video chat sites don’t even require users to sign-up, simply navigate to the site and away you go.

This is just one appeal of video chat sites. Many PCs and laptops come equipped with a webcam, however, they rarely get used. Video chat sites have changed this forever, making webcams an essential part of any computer. On a video chat site you simply click start and you are connected with another person who you’ve never met before from any part of the world. This is a hugely exciting experience and one which social media networks are unable to provide. The ability to chat to hundreds of people every hour on these video chat sites allows people to relax and enjoy themselves without any worry.

In conclusion, social media networks are still going strong but are desperately trying to keep up with new methods of communicating. One such method which has them worried is video chat sites, a form of communication which is the future.

Let’s take a Look at Where Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are today

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning became household names in the late 90’s with their hand in the development of Napster and Facebook. The entrepreneurs met as teenagers and with both sharing a passion for hacking and programming, they embarked on a mission that would lead to the creation of the hugely popular Napster service. They also worked together in helping Facebook become the immense success it is today and were headline news around the world. Let’s take a look at what these two innovators are up to today:

Sean Parker

Sean Parker

Sean Parker currently sits at number 738 on the Forbes rich list with an estimated net worth of $2.4 billion. After the federal police shut down Napster, Parker was seeking an investment which could allow the sharing of music legally and opted to invest $15 million into a new venture called Spotify. He helped launch the service in the US and integrated it with Facebook to allow the sharing of playlists.

He is also a partner at investment shop Founders Fund with early Facebook investor Peter Thiel, which is focused on investing capital into early-stage companies. He has provided support to many start-up companies including Quantcast, Path and Knewton. On top of his business interests, Parker spends a lot of time raising funds for charity, cancer research and other good causes. In 2011, he married Alexandra Lenas and in 2013 she gave birth to his daughter.

Shawn Fanning


Shawn Fanning currently sits on a personal net worth of approximately $7.5 million dollars. Since the closing down of Napster, Fanning has actively participated in many start-ups and invested in many companies. His first big project after Napster was Snocap, a legitimate marketplace for digital media which suffered many issues and was quickly sold off.

In 2006, his new company Rapture was acquired by Electronic Arts for $15 million, however in 2009 a round of layoffs saw Rapture encompassed and he went on to a new company named Path. Path is a social network and photo sharing site which is still going strong today with millions of users worldwide. He has managed to keep a low profile in recent years and lives in New York with his wife and two kids.

Recent Joint Venture

In 2011, Parker and Fanning re-united for the first time since their work on Napster to create a random cam site named Airtime. They put a huge amount of money into its development, however, within a month of going live the site was deemed a flop and taken down. However, they didn’t give up and this year have re-released Airtime under its new façade – OkHello. The launch of OkHello was extremely low key compared to the launch of Airtime but the duo are hoping it will be much more successful.

Parker and Fanning have both used the money and fame gained from Napster all those years ago to move in different direction. Parker is very active in the community and maintains a public presence whereas Fanning has shied away from the public spotlight, eager to concentrate solely on his work. However, both remain friends and are keen to work together as has been proven by Airtime and OkHello. The big question is what’s next for these incredible entrepreneurs?


Why Most People Lower Their Standards When Searching for Love Online

Searching for love online opens up a world where instead of just a handful of people to choose from, there are hundreds of thousands. The popularity of searching for love online has dramatically increased in the last decade and initially led to people becoming pickier when choosing a partner. The sheer number of people online meant there was a general feeling that one could always do better, that even if you found someone and formed a strong bond with them, there was always someone better out there. However, this frame of mind in people meant that finding success when searching for love online became increasingly difficult.


It is common for a person who is initially searching for love online to have an unrealistic expectation of the kind of person they would like to meet. They want the person to look exactly as they imagine, share every interest with them, and preferably live in close proximity to them. However, after a while it becomes apparent that being too fussy will mean never finding love and people begin to lower their expectations. This doesn’t mean settling for the first person who comes along, but, instead looking more realistically at what they want in their partner.

The first thing many people will deviate from is a potential partner’s looks. We all have an unrealistic image of our perfect partners and trying to find someone who exactly fits the bill is an impossible task. When lowering expectations in regards to looks, people may accept a partner who has a different hair color than they imagined or someone who has a couple of extra pounds. This sort of compromise is essential to gaining success when looking for love online.


When people drop their standards when it comes to looks, they tend to concentrate on other things which are more important in creating a successful relationship. Personality traits and common interests become the focus for finding a partner over just looks. This change in attitude is the reason why the internet is producing an increasing amount of long term relationships. When people meet in a traditional way, looks is generally the initial attraction with personality and interests an afterthought. However, when people drop their standards online and search for partners based on personality instead of looks, the relationship begins on a common interest rather than an initial chemical attraction.


By lowering standards when searching for love online, you can actually increase your chances of becoming involved in a successful relationship. Recent studies have suggested that relationships which begin online last longer than relationships which begin in a traditional way. It is this lowering of standards which has created these statistics and which has led to the internet becoming the most popular place to meet a future partner. So, when beginning to look for love online, you may have a fantastical idea about the looks a partner must have and refuse to compromise. However, if you drop your standards and concentrate on personality and interests there is a much higher chance of finding a meaningful relationship.

How to Become a Successful Cam Model

Being a webcam model is one of the easiest jobs in the adult industry, offering excellent pay, flexible hours, and the comfort of working from your own home. However, more and more people are becoming attracted to this industry as a way to earn extra income and standing out from the crowd is essential if you want to become a successful cam model. There is potential to earn thousands of dollars a week if you follow some basic guidelines:


Have a Great Profile

Your profile is an essential part of attracting new customers into your chat room. It can be viewed even when you are offline, offering reasons for a potential client to come back and view your cam when you are back online. Be sure to have high quality pictures that can grab someone’s attention. There is no point in having low resolution pictures as people will simply skip by to view the profile of someone who is displaying pictures with a better quality.

Try to put up several pictures which display your talents without giving too much away. Teasing photos and sexy pictures are a great way to catch client’s attention and entice them into your room. Choose the most attention grabbing picture as your profile picture, which is the one that will be listed when you are online. Take the time to fill out all the information boxes too, such fetishes or kinks so that members who are searching for similar qualities can easily find you.

Pre-Show Preparation

Being prepared before going on cam is essential as you don’t want to disappear half-way through a show to hunt down an accessory or fix the lighting. Try and use a high quality webcam, the higher resolution of the picture you display the more customers you will gain. Have at least two light sources in order to prevent the glare from the monitor ruining your look. The picture quality is a huge factor in attracting clients.


Have a good background setup. There is no use performing in a room that is messy or poorly decorated as this will detract from your performance. You can use a fancy bedspread, cushions or candles to set the mood if you like. Have all your props and accessories close at hand. If you have everything you need close by, you can show it off as a teaser for a private show.


This is when you can display your talents and personality which is going to win over customers and make you extremely successful. The most important thing to do on cam is to have fun, don’t sit there looking bored or distracted as this won’t appeal to users scanning the available models. People will be more likely to give you tips and take you into private shows if you look like you have a fun personality.

Use your microphone to communicate with people in the chat room. People much prefer to hear you talking than watch you typing and using audio offers the opportunity to giggle and flirt easily with customers. Don’t give too much away for free but instead tease and seduce customers into a private show.

Promote Yourself


Finally, make sure you maintain an online presence for fans and new clients alike. Set up a twitter profile under your model pseudonym and actively maintain it. Make sure you acknowledge new followers and reply to all tweets directed at you. You can also set up a personal blog or website to promote yourself. Be sure to announce upcoming shows to gain more viewers and you will be a successful webcam model in no time!